How LONG is Acey? 42 ‘ 11.5 ” but with the Jeep behind it including the bike rack, we are 64.63’ long!

How wide is Acey? With the slides closed, ready to roll, she is 8′ wide

How many gallons of diesel does she hold? 125 gallons

What is her MPG? About 7 mpg – not bad for a house!!

How much living space? 501.8 sq, ft. with the slides opened – kind of like a tiny house?!

How tall is Acey? She is 12.83′ tall so we need at least 13′ clearance to go under bridges and trees

How many can sleep in Acey? There is a king size bed in the back for the two of us and the couch makes into a queen size bed. Chuck informed us it is quite comfy. Rob has also stayed with us! There are two European style reclining chairs with detached ottomans that we find quite comfy and we have been known to fall asleep in them while watching (or not watching) TV…

What do you do for internet service? We have AT&T thru Consumer cellular for our cell phones. We use Starlink for internet service. The reception is pretty good as long as we have clear sky (no trees) and Jim frequently puts “dishy McFlat face” on our roof. More satellites have recently been launched and it appears that Canada and all of Alaska has coverage now!

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