Here is a link to the stock video of the model we purchased: LINK

Acey is an American Coach – American Allegiance 2009 model 42G.
Behind the passenger seat is a cabinet and the kitchen
We rarely cover the 2-bowl sink… and the propane stove to the right has been replace with a 2-burner induction cooktop!

We have a dishwasher on board! A Fisher & Paykel dish drawer washes a load of dishes in 88 minutes on ECO mode.

The half bath is handy – and accessible while the slides are closed up and when we are driving!
The king-size bed has a ceiling fan over it!
Drawers and another TV!
When the slides are closed, the bed touches the dresser – you have to climb over the bed to get to the back bathroom
The couch makes into a queen size bed – Chuck approved!

The back of the coach has a laundry center, a closet and a full bath!

Here’s Acey with the slides opened

ooops – this is before we got the slide cover repaired…
An outdoor TV!

The cockpit! The driver has 3 cameras to use as mirrors – left, rear and right – a computer to see all sorts of info and the GPS. We also have a tire pressure monitor so we know tire pressures for Acey and for Thor (the Jeep)