An update on our home building!

Here’s our building site – we really need the rain to stop, but we are making progress!

We went to the Nashville Predators game vs Boston Bruins on April 2 – compliments of Jim’s former employer, Advanced Engineering (for whom he still does some contract work). We arrived in time to see the warm ups!

Unfortunately the Preds did not pull off a win – but it was fun to see live hockey and have an evening out on the town!

Jim continued painting.

April 8 was an eventful day! We were glad to get some help digging the ditch for the underground electric service.

 While Jim and Wade were busy with that, Chris and Linda went west to see the eclipse – Chris drove his Tesla – we stopped in Jackson TN to get a charge.

…and drove on to a Tesla super charge station in Miner, MO to see the eclipse!

                                              The iPhone photos were not very clear

But Chris brought a great camera to capture this spectacular event!

It got dark as we hit totality!

Evans Glass came to install our bathroom mirrors and shower door on the 10th.

The HVAC units were installed.

We got the gas logs for the fireplace.

We got started on the “luxury vinyl tile” the powder room was first.

and the master bathroom

and the second bath.

We had to buy a new table saw; our 40 year old one had served us well, but the casting on the motor broke!

Tadpole update – they were still living here in our big puddle out front!

They began growing legs!

and 5 days later… we have some tiny frogs!

A butterfly stopped by for a photo op!

We moved into Acey on April 19, 2020 and closed on the sale of our home in Bellevue the next day. Of course, this was during the COVID pandemic, and we were unable to make reservations to travel anywhere for several weeks. However, the folks at Grand Ole RV Resort allowed us to stay; we finally hit the road on May 27th. Since then, we have been all over the US and parts of Canada. Its been a great adventure over these past 4 years and we hope to get on the road again soon!

Advanced Engineering invited us to an evening at Top Golf!

We invited friends and family to write on our floors before we covered them with tile or carpet; scripture, promises of God, inspirational thoughts… God’s Word does not return void – and we thought it would be good to “stand on the promises of God” in our new home! We started with these verses:

Alva was our first friend to come and she gave us 3 verses.

Mitiku stopped by the next day. He was inspired to write this verse, recalling the wanderings of the Israelites who now had a home, much like our wanderings over the past four years, we now have a home! 

Linda Nelson also stopped by to write a verse in the sunroom.

Linda’s brother Ted was the first to send a verse that Linda wrote for him. 

The subfloor is spotted with drywall compound; the drywall finishers were very fast but also very messy!

More friends and family contributed verses and thoughts by text to add to our floors!

Along the lines of “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”!

Dickson Electric came to put us online!  

We have power!

May 1st was a day in history to remember – it was 52 years ago that Linda’s family moved from Michigan to Boca Raton Florida and her folks opened a new Schwinn store there on May 1, 1973!

On May 3rd, we went to a Sounds baseball game with our church. The Sounds are the Triple-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. That night, they were giving a tribute to its parent club, playing as the Nashville Brewskis.

The Nashville Sounds scoreboard is guitar shaped; unique and symbolic of their name

The Brewskis lost to the Norfolk Tides but we had fireworks after the game anyway!

On May 8, with severe storms in the forecast, we were blessed to have only a few strong but brief periods of rain and a lot of work was accomplished! The HVAC guys came to finish up their part – venting the gas dryer, fixing the range vent; the electric garage door openers were installed and carpet was laid in the bedrooms.

Front bedroom
Back bedroom
Master bedroom

The lumber was delivered for the deck. We were fortunate to find Vince to help with the deck!

Jim dug the footings for the deck, and had to get a pump to empty them before setting the posts in concrete. The rain has NOT been helpful…

We got the shelves put in the pantry!

On Mothers Day, we had a fun lunch out after church.

The house is nearly done! Several outdoor items need to be finished before we can move in. We are so thankful everything is coming together, God is so good!


13 thoughts on “An update on our home building!”

  1. Thanks be to GOD for the amazing work He has enabled you to do!!! In this case, the words, “The end us near,” is abundant JOY of praiseful gratitude to our Master Builder!

  2. I love all of this- especially the wonderful Bible verses! Congratulations on your beautiful new home, and thank you for giving us an opportunity to follow your adventures. The blog has been such fun!

  3. Can’t wait to see the house! It looks wonderful!
    When do the butterfly windows go in?

    1. Like everything else, they are in storage – so it will be a litle while till we can put them in!

  4. Congratulations on your new home. It is beautiful and well done. Having your family and friends share favorite verses have taken a beautiful home and made it a very special, meaningful place.

    Thank you for sharing your journey.


  5. Everything looks beautiful!

    ALOT of hard work. You are lucky Jim is so handy in EVERYTHING.

    Glad the frogs are thriving 🙂

  6. you all have done a wonderful job. Your house inside and out looks terrific and I love the blue you painted for your rooms. blessings

  7. Congratulations, and God’s most abundant blessings on you four and your new home and all who enjoy it with you! I know that your sons don’t live with you but am certain that they’ll be spending time there on occasion. I do believe they put in work there as well!
    The scripture on the floors is a superb idea!
    Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for allowing Jim & Linda such a wonderful place! May Your love exude from each part of that home! May every inch of the home and property be used for your honor and glory in many different ways.

  8. Hey Cousins, great job. Lovely home and Jim is a superstar. Really loved all the hand written scriptures. What a great idea and now you can stand on your faith and God’s love.

    changed my email below. that’s the one to use.
    Peace and blessings,

  9. Great pictures of the building process. Love the ecclectic posting on the floor. Rob posted the Aaronic blessing.
    powerful! Jim has done a magnificent job with the planning, details and craftsmanship of the whole house and barn. Can’t wait to see you in your “beautiful sanctury”.

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