Araby Acres – Yuma, AZ

We left Alpine on Saturday, October 17 around 9:30am – Acey’s mileage 66,794.4 and Thor now has 73,909 miles. As we headed east, we drove through the mountains.

Once we got to the flat lands, Linda took a turn at driving. This was a good place for her to get a second experience behind the wheel as it was pretty much flat and straight.

We came very close to the Mexican border and could see the wall.

We stopped to make lunch at a Rest Area and arrived at Araby Acres in Yuma about 2:00. This is the first Encore Resort we have stayed at – part of our Thousand Trails membership. It is a “55 and over” resort.

The highs will be right at 100 during our short 2-night stay and we don’t intend to do much here. We added Arizona to our map!

Sunday would have been Linda’s dad’s 96th birthday. We took him on a couple of epic trips in 2013 and 2014 before it was too difficult for him to travel. Its been 19 months now since he passed; being reunited with Mom in their heavenly home.

September 2013 we took a week long cruise up east out of New York and into Canada – Bill and Charlene (not pictured) were also with us! Dad roomed with Chuck and Chris.
In March 2014, Dad went with Jim & Linda to Australia and we took a 14 day cruise around New Zealand!

We Zoomed for Sunday School and had a great overview to introduce us to the book of Genesis. We will be studying chapters 1 – 11 for the next several weeks. The study could take a few months or even years, as next week our focus is just on Gen. 1:1! We tuned into YouTube for the worship service at Stephens Valley Church and the sermons are continuing to focus on the Miracles in Mark.

Our family Zoom time on Sunday afternoons is a great time to catch up with everyone. And Sunday nights are generally homemade pizza night.

Monday morning we packed up and are heading to Cottonwood where it should be cooler – and more adventures await!


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  1. I see that I-8 did take you very close to Mexico. I bet Jim appreciates you sharing the driving with him. Does Acey handle crosswinds well? A friend of ours lives near Cottonwood in Prescott Valley. You’ll be near Sedona, too. Wahoo, all kinds of marvels along your journey. Safe travels.

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