BRRRRR Bozeman, Montana

We left Buffalo, WY just after 8am on Tuesday June 16 – Acey’s odometer 63,594 – Thor 67,034, stopped in Billings, MT for fuel and arrived in Bozeman, MT about 2:30 with 2-3″ of snow in the forecast! Fortunately, it only got into the low 40’s and we had rain but no snow! But this was not the kind of weather we were expecting in June! We stayed at Bear Canyon Campground – another place to park that didn’t have a spacious area to park – but it accommodated us and had full hook-ups,

Wednesday we went for a walk in the rain on the Galligator Trail and saw some ducks and a few other interesting things.

This fella was sitting outside the library reading in the rain.

We also saw a utility box near the library painted to look like a bookshelf, and later saw several more and got another photo of one with some bears and friends. See this post for pictures of more!

We also checked out the Computer and Robotics Museum which was pretty interesting – just think how technology has changed just in this last half century! We didn’t get pictures of the Gutenberg printing press or the many first Apple computers and other outdated items – but this poster was interesting!

Thursday we drove out to see Palisade Falls – a beautiful drive and a short hike up to the falls. It was interesting to note that the rock was quite similar to the rock at Devils Tower.

We ate packed our lunch by a lake with a picturesque view.

Stopped for groceries and headed back to Acey. Jim was able to get the slide cover parts installed and got all the parts out of the inside of our rig by putting the new end caps on the slide cover. At some point, we will get new inner parts so we can use the slide cover again.

We are heading to Yellowstone in the morning!


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