Clerbrook and Red Oaks

On Saturday January 14 we left the boonies of Lakeport/Moore Haven, Florida at 9am with Acey’s mileage at 96,556.7 and Thor’s at 112,359. We headed to Clermont, arriving at Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort at noon where we stayed for 2 weeks.

Linda sent out New Year’s greetings to friends and family – reviewing many of the great adventures we had in 2022. This year will be an adventure of a different kind as we hope to build our home just west of Nashville in Pegram.

We took several walks around the resort – and saw sandhill cranes wandering in the park and on the golf course!

We went to the big RV show in Tampa just for fun. We looked at the NEW American Coaches on display and decided we remain very happy with our coach! The cabinets in the new models are “European” design and look rather cheap and plastic-like. We have real maple wood cabinetry in Acey. The one thing we WOULD like to change is the carpet. Why on earth did they put gold SHAG carpet in a 2009 model? Didn’t shag carpet go out of style in the 70’s? We saw a product called Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl that we will look into.

We rode our bikes a few times on the South Lake Trail part of which runs by Lake Minneola.

Some ibis were perched on a pier,

but they didn’t want us to get too close…

And we saw an egret.

Across the lake, we spotted the Citrus Tower

 There were lots of ups and downs and our Apple watches indicated an elevation gain of 150 feet on each ride!

We also went back to the rather flat General Van Fleet Trail one day when it was REALLY windy; this rail trail has trees on both sides most of the way, but it was still windy! A few mile posts remain from the days when trains ran here.

We saw a turtle on the side of the trail – which was unusual; and we saw no gopher tortoises that day which may have been due to the 61° temperature (one of the cooler days when we rode!)

We rode from the north end of the trail at Mabel (Mile 29.2) and turned around at mile 21.

We rode a total of 54 ½ miles during our stay.

For some reason, we could only stay 12 days rather than our ususal14 days, so we had to move on to another park for 2 days. As we were getting ready to leave, we had a couple of visitors to bid us farewell!

Sandhill cranes seem to be very common in Florida RV parks!

We Zoomed with our Sunday School class on Sundays – we just finished our study in the book of Acts and will be going back to the Old Testament to look into Isaiah. We also Zoomed with the family on Sundays. We are planning a big family vacation in December – taking a Caribbean cruise before Christmas! We had a delightful time in June 2005 with 13 of us cruising on Carnival Miracle!

On Thursday Jan 26 we left the Clerbrook park at 11am. Acey had 96,711.6 miles and Thor 112,706.  We stopped for fuel and made lunch, arriving at Red Oaks RV Resort in Bushnell, FL at 1:30. Our spot is nearly ON I-75, so we are glad we’ll only be here 2 nights!

We were going to go for a bike ride early on Friday morning, but it was windy and chilly – about 45° when we woke up and it wasn’t going to warm up anytime soon. After lunch, we drove over to Webster to visit Tom & Christy; they have been “work-camping” since October. Christy and Linda made some bracelets!

What a fun activity! Here are the two bracelets Linda made: turtles and ladybugs!

We moved on to Wildwood on Saturday.

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5 thoughts on “Clerbrook and Red Oaks”

  1. Hi Linda and Jim.
    I’m keeping up with you on your journey. You guys are having toooo much fun!
    See you when you come back to SVC.
    GOD Bless, Patsy

    1. Thanks for commenting! We are enjoying our time on the road – so much to see and do! Glad we are not up north with the cold weather – Florida is quite nice this time of the year 🙂 It won’t be long till we are back in the Nashville area – see you then!

    1. Aw thanks Lucy! The 13 of us had a fun time for sure! My folks treated us to the cruise as a celebration of selling their home in North Carolina – and they move to Nashville in 2006!
      We will have 14 on the December cruise – many of the same cast of characters plus a few more 🙂

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