El Paso and Midland Texas

We left the Encore Valley Vista RV Park in Benson, AZ on Monday November 9 at about 9am. Acey’s mileage 67,496.3, and Thor has 75,257 miles. As we headed to El Paso, it was raining lightly – we have not seen much rain in a long time – maybe since the Badlands! We drove through more mountains!

We crossed the state line into New Mexico – since the state is pretty well closed down due to Covid-19, we did not plan an overnight stay.

We stopped at a rest area to make lunch and took in the view!

This sculpture of a road runner was pretty cool! The state bird of New Mexico.

Soon we crossed into Texas!

We saw this sign from a distance and thought WOW – gas is cheap! Actually we only paid $1.52 at Costco when we filled up Thor!

It was actually the lottery jackpots!

We arrived at the Mission RV Park in El Paso about 3pm added 2 more states to our map! This small RV park was close to the interstate. We will only be here 2 nights.

Tuesday was our only full day at El Paso. Being a COVID “hot spot” most everything is closed down. We went for a short bike ride.

We rode very close to the Wall – so we checked that out!

On a friend’s recommendation, we ordered from the L & J Café – couldn’t resist since its kind of like “Linda and Jim’s Café” We had to order curbside pickup as the virus has dine-in closed down. We enjoyed our dinner and prepared to leave for Midland in the morning.

On Wednesday, November 11 – Veteran’s Day – we left about 8am for Midland TX. Acey’s mileage 67,784.7 and Thor’s 75,330. It was a beautiful clear day and Linda drove again today only for about an hour. We encountered more mountains; we didn’t know there were so many mountains in this area!

We arrived at Midland Basin RV Park at about 3pm. Another small RV park that was a bit quieter than the one in El Paso – away from the interstate. They had free Wifi and free laundry. We washed a couple of rugs that wouldn’t fit in the small washer/dryer unit in Acey. We went to the grocery store and made dinner in Acey.

On Thursday, Jim found a place to hike around a lake – it was an easy, short and flat hike.

The trail was kept up well and we saw a few other folks out enjoying this beautiful day.

Many of the trees looked dead, but we did see some pretty fall colors!

There were 2 areas where they had bird feeders out. It reminded us of our deck outside our kitchen window where we fed the birds and squirrels. There was also a butterfly garden, but all the flowers and foliage were dead – not a butterfly in sight.

The lake was pretty much dried up!

We spotted a very small body of water – not what we had expected to see!

A rather elaborate structure had been built as an overlook to enjoy a view of the lake.

Had there been water, this would be a lovely setting to see the ducks or geese swimming along…. just imagine!

We then went to see the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum. We were surprised the museum was open – the FIRST museum we have been able to go to since we left Nashville!! They had a lot of equipment outside – showing the history of how oil was drilled for and pumped from the ground.

The Santa Rita No. 2, originally a drilling rig, but converted for pumping

Inside there were a few movies to see and lots of displays about the history of oil production. They have a great mineral gallery, paintings and some Chapparal race cars on display as well. Sorry – no photos….

We failed to get many photos. You can go to their website to find out more! https://petroleummuseum.org/

We headed back to Acey to make dinner and get ready to move again in the morning.


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  1. Thanks for your posts. So much fun to see how things are going. Wonderful things to see ans you’re getting your exercise too.

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