Mays Landing, New Jersey

We left Homestead Campgound in Georgetown DE on Monday June 7th about 9:30am and arrived at Mays Landing, NJ at 12:45. As we drove, there were 2 large bridges we came upon. This cable-stayed bridge over the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal (the Senator William V. Roth Jr. Bridge) was big and beautiful!

Another awesome bridge, the Delaware Memorial Bridge, crosses over the Delaware River and the state border into New Jersey; there are actually 2 suspension bridges spanning the river.

We noticed there was a painted line indicating the state line, but no sign actually welcoming us into New Jersey, our 30th state. The RV park said New Jersey…

We got set up and had lunch – and didn’t do much in the afternoon, but did get out to get some groceries. Temperatures were in the 80’s again; unusually hot and expected to be unseasonably warm for a few more days. Linda did some reading and JIm worked on our route and checked on why the transponder doesn’t seem to be working; we have passed several places where a toll should have been charged, but nothing is showing on the account.

Tuesday, we packed up a lunch and headed out the see Cape May. We found the Cold Spring Bike Path and went for a ride.

It was 82F as we started out, sunny and hot, but there was a bit of shade.

We were expecting to only ride out about 3 1/2 miles, but found the path connnected to another one so we rode out a bit further. It became quite obvious that these were Rail-trails; straight and nearly flat, but no shade !

It was 87F when we finished. We rode just over 11 miles and drove to the beach.

We walked down the beach toward the lighthouse.

There are many Victorian style homes in Cape May, so we walked around to see several of them; beautiful!

We stopped in at Mud Hen Brewing for a couple of cold ones.

We only had two nights at this stop – we head to Gettysburg, PA tomorrow!


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