Missoula Montana

Our stop in Missoula was kind of a rest – catch up – maintenance stop! We left the Rocky Mountain RV Park just after 8am on Monday June 22 – Acey’s mileage 63,966.5 and Thor 67,476 and headed for Turah RV Park just outside of Missoula, arriving at 1pm (Acey 64,236.6)

We got caught up on laundry, grocery and Costco shopping and did some clean up as well. Its really nice having only 500 square feet to clean!

Each morning we went on a bike ride – there was a nice paved bike/walk route to ride on just outside of the park.

We passed some cows and horses along the way.

Jim took some time to look at the heat pump and discovered what the problem was. He had a technician look at it in Nashville before we left the park there. The young man that we hired said “heat pumps don’t work below 60 degrees and you have to change the unit – it is so old you would not be able to find parts”. Jim figured the guy was “blowing smoke” and had no idea what was wrong… Jim, having worked on a lot of electrical equipment in his line of work took a close look at it and found a bad capacitor. One of the other campers at this park had a fellow working on their unit and Jim was able to get a capacitor from him and that fixed the problem! YAY! Jim was going to order one on Amazon, but the problem is, where to send it! Many RV parks will not allow mail to be delivered to you, and if we ordered a part and it didn’t get there during our stay, we could miss it. So, it was providential that we got the part we needed! (Bretz, the local RV store, did not have the right capacitor and could order it, but told us it could take 30-60 days to get it!!)

We had 2 satellite dishes on the roof – both of which did not work – so Jim finished getting the brackets off the roof and filling in the holes from that.

Meanwhile, Linda worked on the Yellowstone blog – which she probably spent too much time on, but we had such a great time and saw so many interesting sights, it was hard to not post a whole lot of pictures. Plus, the videos were fun to share. We hope many of you took the time to visit the park through our blog!

Missoula has several craft breweries, and we visited Big Sky – the brewers of Moose Drool – a rather tasty brown ale — and a couple other breweries as well.

Once we get to Washington, we plan to slow our pace – having 2-4 days at a park is too short; we seem to be on “vacation mode” and need to slow our pace!


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