We left Wilson, WY at 9:10 on Friday June 3 with Acey’s mileage at 85,516, Thor’s at 103,550. We had good weather as we started out and the scenery was beautiful!

About 10am we were back in Idaho

We crossed the Continental Divide and entered Montana about 1:30 and rain ahead!

Our son Chris worked for Dell for 9 years – thought the sign was worthy of a photo!

Even with a bit of rain, it was a nice drive! We got to Dillon Montana about 2:30. Jim washed Acey and Thor – Linda worked on the Grand Teton blog – so many photos to go through! We have a nice view of some snowcapped mountains here!

Saturday brought clear weather in the morning – so Jim was finally able to replace the skylight over the shower.

You can see cracks in the skylight – after 13 years, the plastic is not in good shape.

We ordered the skylight in April when we found the skylight was leaking and Jim painted it with Flex Seal till it could be replaced

The skylight arrived in Las Vegas – at David’s place – on the afternoon of the day we left, so Dave shipped it on to us at our last stop in Wilson, WY. We were too busy – and it rained so much – there was no time to install it! So, Saturday was the day! When Jim got all the screws and caulk removed, the plastic was so brittle when he removed the skylight and tossed it to the ground it basically exploded into a million pieces – made disposal easy anyway! The new skylight seems to be thicker, which is good!

The old skylight was a translucent bronze – the new one is white.

While Jim worked on that, Linda finally got the Grand Teton blog finished and posted and then made lunch. Jim got the new skylight installed just as it began to rain again. Good timing!

It rained the rest of the day – we got laundry done and went to the grocery store. Sunday morning Jim was looking out the window and noticed a strange cloud, making the mountain look like it was smoking!

We Zoomed with our Sunday School class – we are starting a new study in Acts. We left Dillon at 9:45 with Acey’s mileage at 85,766.5 and Thor’s 103,565. Another scenic drive as we headed to Missoula.

Mt. Haggin

We stopped for some fuel and arrived at Granite Peak RV Park in Missoula at 1:30. We made lunch and got settled in. And guess what?! MORE rain! We worshipped with Stephens Valley Church, watching the service from May 15 (Bulletin) King Ahab had a hard time accepting truth – as we all do at times. We Zoomed with the family later in the afternoon – it was a restful day!

Monday morning, we were hoping to go for a bike ride. Jim worked on sanitizing the freshwater holding tank and Linda packed up lunch. Then it started to rain. AGAIN! So, Jim tackled another project – the heat for the passenger seat is not working. He found a broken wire and had to take the seat apart and rewire the whole wiring harness.

And the heat works now; we may not need it often, but it will be nice to have it when necessary! We had lunch and the sun came out – and then more rain. No bike riding today. We went out to Costco to fill Thor’s tank, stopped off at Big Sky Brewing.

We intended to have a Moose Drool – their famous and tasty brown ale – but since they had so many other craft beers on tap (and we’ve had Moose Droll before) we tried other varieties.

Every table had a poster under the glass top – ours had Smokey Bear “Leaping Lizards Be careful with fire in the Forest” It made us think of our friend Cissy in Baton Rouge that really does not like lizards…. LOL!

Tuesday morning was nice and sunny as we prepared to leave Missoula, heading to Wallace Idaho. We hope for good weather as we want to ride the Route of the Hiawatha bike trail!

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13 thoughts on “Montana”

    1. It’s a beautiful day as we leave Missoula! Thanks for keeping up with us.
      Hope you get a great offer on the house – we loved living on the cul-de-sac – well I guess it’s a thru-way now that they are building up on the hill… We will have to connect when you are in Florida!

  1. Hope you get to ride the narrow gadge railway up the mountain in Skagway. You have shown what a beautiful country we live in. Thanks. Be safe.

    1. I hope so too – love trains! We feel fortunate to be able to travel and see our beautiful country!

  2. Jim & Linda Happy Tuesday!

    Neat sights yโ€™all are traveling thru &
    too .

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope U have some Safe & Dry Travels !


    1. Thanks Henry! Some dry weather would be nice ๐Ÿ™‚ It really can’t rain all the time, can it?!

  3. I always read your blogs and enjoy the pictures!
    We have big news; our house is on the market, and we’re heading to Manheim, PA for a while anyway, until we know exactly where our Father wants us to be. That ‘ll most likely be sometime in July or later. All depends on how quickly the market is moving.
    Do you receive our weekly emails?

    1. Thanks for reading – I probably spend way too much time on the blog, but it will be a nice way to remember what we did; where we went and what we saw! Hope the house sells quickly and you get a good return on it. We are not getting your emails… I’ll send you a message ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. With all the pictures of sunshine and blue skies, the only clue I caught about those rainy days was all the upkeep Jim did. Time well spent : ) You will enjoy the Route of the Hiawatha. Be sure your flashlights are fully charged and well mounted. Some of those tunnels are long. Thanks for the post.

  5. Iโ€™m enjoying your blogs and travel photos! Excellent! You have a good eye for photo composition (with Godโ€™s beautiful creation!). Thxs for sharing!

    1. Thanks Alva! Most of the photos are taken with my iPhone 8 – its handy to have a camera in the phone ๐Ÿ™‚

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