Morgan Hill, CA – Coyote Valley RV Park – Cheers!

Sunday morning, August 23, we left the Russian River Thousand Trails RV Park in Cloverdale about 9am. Acey’s mileage 66,172.2 and Thor has 71,195miles. About an hour south, the smoke from the fires was quite evident.

On the drive south, as we crossed the San Francisco Bay on I-580, we could barely see the bridge!

and could hardly see the water! The smoke from the fires was pretty thick!

We arrived at Coyote Valley at 1pm. We got set up and had lunch. Chuck was able to see all the procedures we go through to close up and prepare to move – and then set up again. Not exactly what he had in mind when he planned the weekend visit – but then again, we had not planned to move either! However, the smoke from the fires had gotten pretty bad yesterday afternoon, and the ash floating in the air was getting a bit more evident. We found there was a craft brewery not far from us – so we went out for some brews at Kelly Brewing.

Monday after breakfast, Chuck left for the airport about 8am. We sure enjoyed having him with us! He had been watching the reports on the 2 tropical storms and everything looked ok for his flight home.. He arrived safely home in Baton Rouge with light rain falling.

Since we have full hookups here, we did a few loads of laundry, Linda worked on the blog for the past week and after lunch, we went to the pool for a bit.

Tuesday morning it was a fairly clear day as we prepared move again – to another Thousand Trails park not far from here in Morgan Hill. Coyote Valley as basically a parking lot style park with no shade, but the pool was open and we had full hookups!


8 thoughts on “Morgan Hill, CA – Coyote Valley RV Park – Cheers!”

      1. Hope the fires are going away soon!
        Miss you both at church. Having really good attendance and tomorrow are having our second Wednesday night dinner and Bible Study. We had about a dozen+ visitors Sunday who came because their Methodist church will not open again until first of the year!! Happy travels!!

        1. Thanks for commenting Fern! We also hope the fires are put out soon! I didn’t realize how dry it is in California – isn’t there a song about that? …”it never rains in California…” I’ll be coming back to Nashville for a short stay in October for some Dr appointments. We are really glad we can keep up “virtually” with our church family by Zoom and YouTube!

  1. Jim and Linda, I really enjoy catching up with you periodically. Your blog is interesting and very well written. I know Jim pretty well from his time helping us at the paper mill. I had to share with my wife the other day the story of the day Jim put parts on the RV and did several maintenance tasks. It sounds like a typical Saturday at my house! Always something to work on! Thanks for sharing your story. Really glad that you got out of those fires.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jim!
      Yep – a home on wheels requires periodic maintenance, just like your home – and your car/truck!
      Its good that Jim is so handy and good at diagnosing problems – it has saved us a lot of time and money! With a rig that is 11 years old, there is going to be something to check out. But then again, we have heard of folks that have bought BRAND NEW motor-homes and spent the first 4-6 months at the factory having things fixed!
      We had hoped to be away from the fires – but another one started Saturday near San Diego (Valley Fire) and other fires are still raging – we have not had any more warnings go off on our phones, so I guess we are OK! We are keeping up with the news and trying to be safe! Jim’s brother lives near San Diego and we are heading that way soon, assuming it will be safe!
      2020 – what a year – the virus – the fires – the hurricanes – what next?!

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