Newport, WA

Monday, June 29 we left the Kootenai County Fairgrounds RV Park in Couer d’Alene around 10:30 and arrived at Newport/Little Diamond Lake KOA -Thousand Trails and arrived just after 12 noon. Acey’s mileage 64,415.2, Thor 67,749. Newport is north of Spokane.

Tuesday we headed out to look for a place to ride our bicycles, and headed for RIverside State Park. We found another paved bike trail – and rode the western end of the Centennial Trail in Washington – the east end connects to the Centennial Trail in Idaho, It started to rain, so we didn’t ride very far today.

This trail ran thru a forest
The Centennial Trail in Washington ended at a lake
We rode past this dam just as it started to drizzle.

Thursday we drove back to Idaho to ride another portion of the Trail of the Couer d’Alenes; we wanted to ride over the big railroad trestle at Chatcolet! The trial head was in Heyburn State Park – way off the beaten path!

We rode over several small bridges like this one on the other 2 portions of this trail last week, and a few more bridges on this ride.

That is NOT us riding over the bridge…

From the parking lot at the trailhead, we could see the long railroad trestle. After we rode over the trestle the first time, Jim realized he forgot his sunglasses, so we rode back to the car – we actually rode over the bridge 6 times!

The Historic Chatcoloet Bridge

As you approach the bridge, there is an uphill climb, the roadbed undulates which may make the climb a bit easier. Good thing we have 16 gears to choose from!

It was a very scenic ride – along the lake and thru a marshy area; and it was cool that day – in the 50’s! Great day to be out exploring.

Another view of the trestle
There were a few information boards along the trail
We saw lots of weeds and wild flowers along the trail

We rode 8 miles from the Chatcolet Trailhead and east to Harrison and back. The first ride we did was from Cataldo west to almost Bull Run, The second portion we started at Bull Run and went west to Medimont. Someday we may revisit the area and ride some more of this scenic trail.

Saturday – the Fourth of July – NO activities at the campground – didn’t want to drive to Spokane for fireworks – we did go explore the campground since it is a rather large park. There was a “nature trail”

The lake is not really a place you would want to swim; lots of algae and some lily-pads – but a nice view!

We waited for a prairie dog (or is it a ground squirrel?!) to allow a photo op! This one was chirping – likely warning the others of our presence.

Just like a “sticks-n-bricks” home, there is always some maintenance that needs to be done on our home on wheels – Jim found some rust on some of the bolts under the slides and other places, so he is taking care of that.

Our next stop is Bow, Washington


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  1. Great pictures and commentary. We are blessed with a beautiful planet, and a wonderful family. Looking forward to your visit, sis. Be sure to bring Jim with you!


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