November Notes

Our house-building project continues to move along at a rapid pace! We passed our framing inspection on October 31, which included electrical rough in, so we called the insulation company. They came November 1 to insulate the outer walls and the vaulted ceiling in the great room.

Jim was finally able to get the black waterproofing paint applied to the block – things have been going so fast since the block was laid on July 27, and wet weather conditions both contributed to not being able to get this done until now!

The women’s ministry at our church had a couple of fun events planned – Linda met up with a few ladies at an art show at Radnor Lake.

Lots of beautiful paintings on display – many with scenes around Radnor Lake!

 Having lived in Nashville since 1981, Linda had never been to Radnor Lake and what a gem this place is! Definitely need to visit again!

The next day was the ladies’ quarterly birthday celebration. Scott Miller came and played his hammer dulcimer.

We had our usual family Zoom time on the weekends – some weeks are more well attended than others!

Tom & Missy reporting in from North Dakota, Jim & Linda in Tennessee, Bill & Charlene in California, Ted & Nancy and Steve in Oregon, Chris and Eve in Tennessee!

Jim put a French drain next to the foundation. We will fill in with dirt to bring the ground level up closer to the level of the crawl space vents.

The garage door on the detached garage was adjusted after some work was done to fix the concrete issues.

Our drywall was delivered on Friday November 10.

It was interesting watching them bring the drywall into the house; they removed a window to do so!

It was hung and finished the following week.

The sunroom
The vaulted ceiling in the Great room is pretty high!
the Great room
Kitchen to the left, Great room to the right
Finishing in the Great room
Finishing the vaulted ceiling. looking into the kitchen

Jim dug a trench to run electric out to the detached garage.

We enjoyed a spectacular sunset on the 14th – Our creator God was “showing off”! Interestingly, several of my friends also posted photos of this sunset! The sky was colorful in every direction!

Looking North
Looking West

Chis came and took some more drone shots of the property.

When it rains, things get a bit messy!

Linda had a birthday on the 21st, Eve and Chris joined Jim and Linda for a nice dinner at Outback Steakhouse – and we forgot to get a photo!

Thanksgiving Day, the four of us got together again; at Eve’s place and again – no photos. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for!

On “Black Friday” we picked up our cabinets and flooring from Super Home Surplus. The custom cabinets are American made! The cabinets were loaded on 7 pallets!

Good thing we rented a 28′ truck!

Later, we picked up some primer to prime the drywall. And over the weekend Jim painted while Linda looked over the boxes of cabinets!

More painting – and some vacuuming!

On Monday the 27th, more big things happened! Our interior doors and trim were delivered, the shiplap for the sunroom was delivered, and the cabinet installers began working on the kitchen.

The cabinets look really good!

The doors had been put in the master bedroom.

 Notice the “serrated” edge on the box…

Linda was vacuuming in there and tripped over the shop vac cord, landed on her ”bad knee” (had meniscus surgery a few years ago) and cut her head on the side of a door box. The first accident on the job site. We went to the ER and Linda got 7 staples to close the wound. Fortunately, the cut began at the hairline; Linda’s guardian angel was at work! We praise God it was not any worse than it was…

We ended the month with concrete poured for the garage and front porch.

The apron will be poured later.

Another busy month with lots of progress!


11 thoughts on “November Notes”

  1. LOVE all the pictures and seeing the house coming together so nicely. It is beautiful !

    Have fun on the cruise!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Its quite similar to our last house – we used the same designer but have only one floor – and we had to mirror the blueprint. Its all coming along nicely – but we are 2 months behind schedule since we had to wait so long on different issues regarding the septic tank.

    1. We cruised out of Miami to Aruba, Bonaire and 2 stops in the Dominican Republic – 11 of us – a nice way to get the family together! We had a great time!

  2. The house looks beautiful….can’t wait to see it finished. Have a wonderful cruise and blessed Christmas! D&D

    1. We are very pleased with the progress and outcome so far – you and Dan need to come for a visit – we miss you two! Happy New Year!

  3. It looks like you’re making great progress on the house. I’ve had some pretty bad paper cuts myself but never needed staples to close it. Hope you are comfortable on your cruise!

    1. We had a fun time on the cruise, and I was thankful that my head healed up in time for me to be able to snorkel! Hope you are doing well recovering from your wrist surgery. Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

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