Orlando RV Resort — Clermont, FL

On Monday January 11, 2021, we didn’t leave Wauchula until 10:30. We could not check into the park in Clermont until noon and it was a short drive, So, we left with Acey’s mileage at 70,108.2 and Thor had 77,833 miles. We arrived about 12:30 and got set up by 1:30. This park has a large capacity with over 1,000 sites! They recently opened a new section with 150 sites and that is where we are staying. There are very few trees for shade, but we have 50 amp service, so we can run A/C or heat as needed. The weather has been really pleasant in Central Florida, highs in the 70’s and lows in the 40’s. There is an 18 hole mini-golf course, so we went to play a round. There are several cranes wandering around the campground – were these 2 looking to play some golf?

Both of us scored 2 holes in one! The course is well kept – glad we have our own putters and balls. The resorts are still not giving out equipment due to the virus.

Tuesday we went to Aldi and restocked groceries. After lunch we returned to the mini-golf and Linda got another hole in one! We wont talk about the other holes….

Thursday we drove to the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa to attend the Florida RV Supershow. This show claims to be the biggest RV show in the country. The show has lots of NEW RVs and they can be pricey! There were many vendors selling items that RVers might be interested in. This was our third time to go; we went in 2018 to get some ideas about what we might want to by – to see what’s “out there” in the way of Class A diesel pushers — and attended some of the very informative seminars. We went again in 2019 to get more ideas – and after going to the show, we found Acey at LazyDays. We saved quite a bit by getting a used 2009 model, and we have been very happy with her. We went again this year as we wanted to get some ideas as to what to do about replacing the shag carpet on the slides, in the bedroom and back bathroom.

We also went to seminars about RVing in Alaska and maintenance on a Spartan chassis. One thing that surprised us when we went to the show the first time was how many folks have special strollers for their dogs, and most folks have TWO dogs! Here are just 2 that we saw today.

The crowds were way down from the previous shows, and most folks must had left early – we left around 4; there were even less folks there later in the day. Of course, this had to have been due to the virus.

There are many different types and sizes of RVs – this is a great place to go if you want to see all the varieties available! Here are some of the smaller ones out there:

So many RVs to look at!

On Friday we rode our bikes on the Cady Way Trail in Orlando. The long bridge over SR 436 was a nice challenge on this otherwise flat trail.

There were many street crossings in the residential area near the trailhead which were somewhat annoying; there was not much traffic, but you want to be safe!

Markers embedded in the trail showed the tenths of miles.

Much of the trail had a lane for bikes and a lane for walkers and joggers.

We rode about 13 miles on this trail.

Saturday we played minigolf again and had our weekly family Zoom.

On Sunday, as usual we Zoomed for our Sunday School class and worshipped with Stephens Valley Church on YouTube. Our friends Russ and Adele came for lunch and we had a nice visit. We met them on our Viking River Cruise in 2018. They live in The Villages, so we are not terribly far from there. They had never been in an RV and we enjoyed showing them around our home on wheels!

On Monday January 18, we drove to the north end of the General James A. Van Fleet State Trail. On January 6, we rode a few miles of the southern end where it connected to the Teco-Auburndale Trail. Today we rode down to mile 19 and back again — around 20 miles today. We wondered who Van Fleet was, so we looked him up!

 Wikipedia reports that “General James A. Van Fleet graduated in the famous West Point Class of 1915, which included so many future generals that it has been called “the class the stars fell on” (stars being the insignia of generals). Van Fleet’s classmates included Dwight D. Eisenhower and Omar Bradley.” He was a distinguished and highly decorated combat commander in both World Wars and the Korean War. “At the time of his retirement from active duty on March 31, 1953, former President Harry S. Truman said “General Van Fleet is the greatest general we have ever had . . . I sent him to Greece and he won the war. I sent him to Korea and he won the war.” ”

Among his many accomplishments, he coached football at UF and was a professor there as well. Go Gators!! He died 6 months after his 100th birthday – he must have been a tough old bird!

Its a great trail and not too many folks were out on this beautiful day!

For some reason, there was an old rusted pick-up truck and car off to the side of the trail “Back in Time”…

This is a rails-to-trails and the trail is raised above the surrounding land with water running along both sides for most of the trail. Its really nice that all the hard work of building the railbed is still being used today!

We interrupt this blog to bring you a squirrel that was sitting on a bench when we played minigolf on Tuesday….

on Wednesday, Jim gave Acey a bath.

He bought another product for washing her. This one is somewhat like a “sponge bath” as it uses very little water to wash and wax at the same time. It came with all sorts of stuff! (plus the pole)

Many of the RV parks we have stayed at have pickleball courts, so we ordered a set with a pair of paddles and 4 balls from Amazon. Today we went to beat the ball around; Its going to take some practice to volley, but we may get the hang of it soon…..

The sunsets here have been pretty, even if we can’t see the horizon.

We eat very well – salad and shrimp for dinner tonight! Tying to eat a healthy diet.

Thursday we rode the Gen. Van Fleet Trail again, from the Bay Lake trailhead. We passed mile 19 where we had turned around on Monday. We rode to mile 12 and turned around – rode nearly 16 miles today.

We saw 2 fairly large turtles along the trail, but didn’t stop to take photos.

Friday was a “maintenance day”. We had a small leak in the shower, so Jim took out the shower door and removed the caulk and cleaned up all the pieces and parts, got some new screws to replace some that had rusted, put it all back together and caulked; all better!

Linda has been reading Stephen King’s The Stand – over 1,000 pages — a big and heavy hardcover! Its about a pandemic, so its somewhat timely… what a story!

Saturday we met up with Patti and Mark – another couple that we met on the 2018 River Cruise. We biked on the Flatwoods Trail.

It is a loop trail that was quite busy today with lots of speedy bicyclists out riding in packs! It was an overcast day which made for good weather for biking in Florida.

After our ride, we went to see Patti and Mark’s new home in Brandon – they moved last year from Michigan. After a yummy lunch of brats, we went kyaking on their lake.

Lots of birds had nests in the trees

We watched this cormorant across the lake drying its wings for quite some time.

We stayed for the sunset.

We got home in time for our family zoom. A very full day today!

On Sunday morning, we were able to Zoom with our Sunday School class but there was a power problem at the church, so they were unable to stream the worship service.

After lunch, we went to the pool for a bit – it was a beautiful sunny day! Later, Jim polished some of the rims on Acey’s wheels.

We did some preparations for our move tomorrow, and Linda fixed pizza for dinner.

Another pretty sunset on our last evening in Clermont.

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    1. Hey Linus!
      Thanks for keeping up with us. We have indeed been to some good breweries! We are heading to Nashville in late March and you can bet we will stop by to visit and restock!

  1. Hi Linda and Jim,
    You are on the move. Thanks for the tip on that Independence Harbor Amber Ale. Amber is my favorite style of suds.

    Happy Trails and paddling, too!!!

    1. Unfortunately, Aldi hasn’t expanded into the northwest yet – so I doubt you will find that beer in your area.

    1. Thanks for following us! We hope to be able to keep travelling for a while. We will stop in Nashville at the end of March.

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