Southern Palms RV Resort, Eustis, FL

We left Lakeland on Sunday, February 13 at 11:40 with Acey’s mileage at 80,575.5, Thor’s 99,161. We did not have an opportunity to ride our bikes this past week. We arrived at Southern Palms about 1pm – a fairly short drive today! We got set up and had lunch. We also caught up on laundry – with no sewer hookups at the rally, we didn’t do it there. The Super Bowl was on that evening – so we skipped having our family Zoom.

Jim had made an appointment to have Acey’s radiator flushed on Monday, so we had lunch out for Valentine’s Day and stopped by Home Depot while Acey was in the shop. We finished setting up when we got back to the park.

Tuesday, we did paperwork – our insurance on Acey renews soon and we want to change our dental plan too. We went over credit card bills and bank balances too. It’s good that we have an “all-in-one” printer-copier-scanner-fax machine – it came in handy today! Later, we walked around the resort – lots of old trees, but not so many palms in our section.

It had been nearly 2 weeks since we rode our bikes, so we packed a lunch and drove to Apopka to ride on the West Orange Trail. It was breezy and 75F – pretty good conditions for a bike ride! We rode nearly 15 miles – not too bad for us.

We got some groceries on the way back and went over to a “happy hour” event. The resort puts this on for free, so we went to check it out! We each got a “slider” (actually a cheeseburger cut into fourths), some Jell-o with fruit and marshmallows, do-it-yourself nachos, and popcorn. They gave us each 2 “drink” tickets at the door, as well as a door prize ticket. They had a few varieties of light beer, canned soda or water to choose from. Then they drew for the 2 door prizes – a bottle of wine and some chocolates – we didn’t win, but it was interesting that they did this all with no charge!

On Thursday, Jim washed the roof, and the rest of Acey. This park does not charge for you to wash your rig, and the roof was in bad need of attention! Linda took the mattress pad and bedspread to the laundry center – they are WAY too big to go in our little laundry machine! (We can wash our King size contour sheet and the pillowcases in one load, and the top sheet and a couple of small articles in another load, which Linda did.)

This machine washes & dries all using the same drum! It does small loads & takes about 1 1/2 – 2 hours

We went to Costco later – Linda had a prescription to pick up, and we needed a few food items we like to get there. We like Costco for prescriptions – a good price and they are nationwide!

Friday, we finished up more paperwork! After lunch, we finally got notified that the blinds we ordered on January 26 have been delivered! (A bit longer than the 7-14 days they stated when we placed the order) So, we headed to the Villages – we had them delivered to Russ and Adele’s place, since it was “iffy” when they would be delivered and who knows where we would be! As we got back to Eustis, we stopped off at a local brewery for a pint.

Saturday, we didn’t have to check out till noon, and since there won’t be an Aldi near the next RV park, we ran out to get a few more groceries (we don’t have a very big fridge!) before we hooked up and left at 11:45.

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  1. I spent 1974 in Dade City as a reporter. A delightful berg; like any place else, I’m sure it looks much different now. Is the big Lykes Pasco Orange juice processing plant still in operation? Great shot of the bike trail. Happy travels-

    1. I recall you worked as a cub reporter! It’s still pretty “small town” here – though the Publix and WalMart are likely new since you lived here in the ’70s! We shall have to go exploring and get back to about the Orange Juice plant!

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