Squaw Creek Park near Cedar Rapids, IA

We arrived at this park in Linn County, IA on Thursday afternoon May 28; Acey’s odometer mileage 62,577.6. The white squirrel had belonged to the Mags’; Brevard, NC, where they lived for several years was known for their white squirrels… Jim thought it would make a nice mascot for our spot. Since we don’t have a pet, it is an easy animal to keep!

Jim mapped out our proposed route using RV trip wizard and came up with this map to share. This is thru October or so.

Friday we went to Costco and Aldi. It was interesting that the Costco has a covered parking lot! The cashier at Aldi said Costco had bought a big warehouse and turned part of it into parking space. She didn’t think it was odd… maybe she never saw another Costco?! It amazes us that many folks do not get far from home.

We also checked out Reunion Brewery in Coralville. They had some great brews on tap. We had a soft pretzel to go with the 2 flights. Restaurants and breweries just finally opened on Friday, so our timing was good on that.

Saturday we cooked the chicken breasts we got yesterday in the Instant Pot – can you believe they cook in only 10 minutes?! We watched the SpaceX launch while the 2 batches of chicken cooked.

There was a nice place to ride our bikes right in the park, so we went for a ride!

Some ducks were enjoying the pond!

We rode our bikes around Squaw Creek Park Friday, yesterday and today – even though it appears to be rather flat here, there are some hills! We need to do more riding and get in shape! Each ride was about 4 miles.

Today’s ride was after breakfast. We began preparations to leave, tuned into the live stream of Stephens Valley Church’s service on You Tube, fixed lunch, finished packing up and bid adieu to Squaw Valley at 12:51 – mileage 62,577.6

Just a note that the Linn County Conservation Board changed the name of Squaw Creek Park to Wanatee Park in September of 2020. Guess they got “woke”…


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