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We left Winter Quarters in Lutz on Sunday February 28 at 3:30 with Acey’s mileage at 70,722.3 and Thor has 80,036 miles. We arrived at Suncoast Designers about 5pm. We had talked to the people at Suncoast at the RV Supershow in January – they specialize in fixing RV windows that are foggy and have bad seals.

Most of our windows are foggy and some of the seals are leaking. With an older RV, this seems to be a common problem – but they have worked on newer models too. As a matter of fact, there are a couple of 2019 motorhomes here! They wanted us to arrive on Sunday so that they could get started as early as 6:30 on Monday morning! They provide water and electric hookups so we can stay on site, and there is a dump station. Its not really a campground, but they have made it feasible for motorhomes to be lived in while waiting for the windows to be worked on. It was hard to get photos of the fogginess – but here are a couple:

On Monday, they removed the windows. You can see how thick (thin?) the walls are on Acey.

All windows but the door and windshield are to be worked on – and they covered up the holes – very attractive…

Quite lovely on the inside… good thing its just temporary – and it kept the rain out!

This motorhome is only having 2 windows done. Suncoast removes the thermo-pane windows, takes them apart, cleans the glass inside and out and replaces the seals. As long as the glass is not etched, they do not need need to replace the glass. But, if the windows go too long, they can also replace the glass. They give a lifetime warranty on their work.

On Tuesday morning, we went for a bike ride on the Jay B Starkey Bike Trail.

The trail is very rural with no road crossings. It meets up with the Suncoast Trail.

It was a beautiful clear day for a ride. The trail had little shade, and it was warm out.

We saw this turtle alongside the trail munching on the grass.

As we finished our ride, 2 more turtles were by the trail.

The one closer to me took off for his burrow – actually moving quite fast.

So, might we assume these are gopher tortoises?

The other one headed across the trail. Which reminds me of a joke… Do you know why the turtle crossed the road?

To get to the shell station… sorry about that!

When we got back to Acey, UPS had delivered the shade we returned last week, so we put it on. It fit much better! With all the windows covered up, it is especially nice to have the shade to let some light in without the heat of the sun coming thru.

Of course its not much of a view… but this too shall pass!

We were chatting with some others having their windows done, and we decided to all go out for dinner. We had a nice meal at Whiskey Joe’s in Port Richey. The other 3 couples will be leaving in the morning since they had their windows completed today.

On Wednesday, our 10 windows have been finished and are ready for installation!

And the last one goes in! We had not realized the windows are tinted! The lower part of this window by the driver is clear – but you can see the upper window is tinted.

Quite an improvement; no more fog! (Scroll up to see the “before” photo!)

This photo was taken after we moved to Wauchula

We were heading out for a walk to the beach after the windows were installed, but Emo’s called to let us know that the passenger chair was ready to be picked up – so we drove over to Lakeland to pick it up before they closed for the day! It barely fit into the back of the Jeep.

On Thursday morning, with the assistance of one of the guys at Suncoast, Jim got the passenger chair lifted into the coach so JIm could install it! Emo’s did a great job re-upholstering the chairs!

(These photos were taken once we got to Wauchula)

Since the windows were done, we had to leave Suncoast’s parking lot “resort” and headed back to Peace River in Wauchula.


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  1. Good to know you are all reconditioned and ready to roll! All the latest improvements a la 2021. The bike trail looked like loads of fun. Thanks for keeping your blog up to date. Cheers.

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