2 days and 6 new states!

On Wednesday, June 23rd, we left East Stroudsburg, PA at 9:45am with Acey’s mileage at 73,708 and Thor has 86,373. we drove through the very southeastern tail of New York State, stopped at a rest area in Connecticut to make lunch and onto Rhode Island.

We arrived at Ashaway RV Resort in Bradford, Rhode Island at 3:30pm where we will just stay overnight. After we got settled in, we needed a few groceries — and while we were out, we found a small craft brewery where we sampled a few of their offerings.

Thursday, we left Bradford, RI at 9:15am; Acey now has 73,934.1 miles and Thor 86,389. We drove into Massachusetts and while we were stopped at the Costco in Danvers, we make lunch. Then on thru New Hampshire and into Maine.

We arrived at our campground in Maine at 3pm where we will stay 4 nights. Our map now has 37 states filled in – states where we have driven Acey. We will stop in Vermont next week!


2 thoughts on “2 days and 6 new states!”

  1. What a collection of road signs. Did you take them on the fly? While Acey was moving down the road? I’m thinking you took I-95.
    It’s going to be incredibly hot here for a while.
    Enjoy! Thank you for posting.

    1. Took the photos “on the fly” – I try to pay attantion as co-pilot and get the signs as we come to the state lines! It was pretty hot a couple of days in Virginia = and Delaware was HOT! We hope to have more pleasant weather in Maine and Vermont!
      Lets hope for cooler weather in Portland for the wedding!

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