Maine – our 37th state!

Thursday June 24th, we left Bradford, RI at 9:15am. On departure, Acey has 73,934.1 miles and Thor 86,389. We drove into Massachusetts, thru New Hampshire and on to Maine. We arrived at Thousand Trails Moody Beach RV Campground in Wells, Maine at 3pm. Our map has 37 states filled in – states where we have driven Acey. We may have 49 states filled in by next year, if Canada ever opens up and we can go to Alaska! We have been to Hawaii, but Acey won’t be going there!

Our site at this RV park is on 21st Street! 21 is “our number” – we were both born on the 21st and married on the 21st – which is why we named our site Compson21!

Friday it was in the 60’s when we woke up and a nice brisk day for a bike ride! We had not taken the bikes out since last Thursday. Jim found a paved trail from a park to a lighthouse which looked good; the South Portland Greenbelt Walkway. There was some shade along the way.

A little history of this little lighthouse

We ate our packed lunch while we were at Bug Light Park. Afterward, we noticed there was a memorial there (at the former site of the site of the New England Shipbuilding Corp.) 244 Liberty Ships were built here between 1941and 1945. The Liberty Ships were used by the Merchant Marine during the war. They were similar to the Victory ships – we saw the American Victory ship when we were in Tampa – see this blog! Here is a diagram of what the area looked like before the park was set here.

On our ride back to the car, we stopped to check out this side rail and railroad bumper. A large factory complex once stood near this area – where there is now an Apartment complex!

The bike route took a short “detour” on to Chestnut Street. When Linda first started driving in Nashville, she got lost a couple of times and ended up on Chestnut Street. So, its always kind of funny to find us driving (or riding) on Chestnut Street! We rode about 12 miles today.

We are only in Maine for 3 days, and traffic is terrible here during the week, and likely even worse on Saturday. So we opted to NOT see the Portland Head Light – we saw that beautiful lighthouse in the fall of 2013 when we were on a New England/Canada cruise with our sons, Linda’s father and JIm’s brother and sister-in-law.

Linda, Chuck, Jim, Chris and Bob September 2013.

Chuck tried to swallow the lighthouse!

We also visited Kennebunkport in 2013

Bob, Charlene, Bill, Chuck , Linda & Jim – Chris must have taken the photo!

So on Saturday, we decided to go to Port Clyde to see the Marshall Point Lighthouse. We passed this house along the way.

The Marshall Point Lighthouse – and keepers house – at Port Clyde

The structure to the right of the keeper’s house was used a summer kitchen. They moved the coal burning stove into the house in the winter to help with heating. The entire lower level of the keeper’s house is now a museum. The house was beautiful inside. Oops – no photos!

A pretty garden by the keeper’s house.

This lighthouse was visited by Forrest Gump!

Scenic rocky coast here at Marshall Point.

Fortunately, we took the photos before we visited the museum – a dense fog had rolled in! We decided to eat lunch out today, and went to the Dip Net. They had a bathtub full of lobters!

Maine lobsters have big claws!

On our Portland stop in 2013, we stopped for lobster rolls in Kennebunkport at the Clam Shack that claimed to have been voted to have the best lobster rolls in Maine in 2012 and 2013 – we were sorely disappointed with the cold piece of tough tasteless white meat slathered in mayo and served in a dry hot dog bun. TripAdvisor had raving reviews of all sorts of menu items served at Dip Net, so we ordered “hot and toasty” lobster rolls. They actually LOOKED like lobster; the lobster was sauted in butter and served warm; we were very pleased and enjoyed our lunch!

As we left Port Clyde, we passed Tenants Harbor and had to stop for a photo op!

Sunday we Zoomed with our Sunday School class and then joined the worship service at Stephens Valley Church by YouTube. Next week, the service will no longer be broadcast live, but will be on YouTube at 3pm Central Time. We fixed lunch and went to go walk on the beach nearby. It was a very warm day, but even with water temperature of 58F there were several people out in the ocean! The beach had very few shells, but lots of small stones.

Linda used to work with Mary Lynn who often said she would like to go sit on a rock somewhere.

We have interesting tan lines from being out riding our bikes!

Some fun stuff we saw at the beach!

The parents and grandparents had fun burying the kids!

Sunday evening we Zoomed with the family – its always good to see what’s going on and hear about plans for the upcoming wedding! On Monday, we will be heading back thru New Hampshire and to Vermont for a few days!


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