3 Flights and a Wedding!

On Friday July 9, Linda was already in Portland, OR; she flew out from Cleveland on Thursday. Jim left Jefferson, OH at 8:40 with Acey’s mileage at 74,771and Thor’s at 87,661. Jim had been concerned about the way Acey’s front tires were wearing, so he stopped at Ziegler Tire in Youngstown, OH to have them take a look. Turns out all is A-OK! He drove though part of West Virginia – Acey’s 39th state!

Jim stopped to see the World’s Largest Teapot in Chester, WV.

He arrived at 4pm for an overnight stay at at the Wilmington RV Resort in Wilmington, OH.

Meanwhile out west, Eve and Linda were at Ted’s house, both having arrived on Thursday, and Rob was flying in today, so Ted made yet another run to the airport. Eve fixed a really nice salad for lunch. Afterwards, we took a walk around the neighborhood.

We saw Mount Hood off in the distance; Ted and Nancy live in Bull Mountain, so we get a nice view walking down their street!

One of the neighbors had some gorgeous hydrangeas in bloom. Portland had temps in the 110’s last week – these flowers made it thru!

We got back from our walk and it was time to get ready to go to the rehersal and rehersal dinner for Tom & Missy’s wedding. We got to the church for the rehersal. Missy was wearing her mother’s wedding dress!

Missy’s oldest brother Anthony was a stand-in for her Dad at the rehersal.
The happy couple and the preacher
The wedding party
Ted’s siblings watching to goings on – Linda, Eve & Rob
The kids were getting hungry!

Soon it was time for the rehersal dinner!

Ted, Nancy. Tom, Eve and Rob

Linda with Ted – father of the groom!

The salmon was delicious!!

Tom with his aunts – Janet and Elisa

Saturday, we both got an early start – Linda getting ready to go to the wedding, and Jim getting ready to drive into Kentucky. Jim left Wilmington at 8am with Acey’s mileage at 75113.6 and had good weather most of the drive, but hit rain for about an hour and waited in a traffic jam due to an overturned semi. It gave him the opportunity to use the facilities while traffic was stopped for about an hour. He arrived at at Diamond Caverns RV Resort in Park City, KY. at 1pm; just in time to set up, make a sandwich and watch the video stream of Tom and Missy’s wedding!

Linda found the wedding party in the courtyard having photos taken – so she took a few herself! This cutie is Stella!

It’s the big day for Missy!

Like those white tennies!!

Beautiful stained glass window at the back of the sanctuary

The groom seats his mother

… waiting!

and waiting…

Here comes the bride!

The bride’s family

Parents of the bride and groom

The groom’s Oregon family – Karen & Bart, Janet, Steve, Elisa, Ted and Nancy.

Mother of the groom Nancy with her brother Bart and sisters Janet and Elisa

Four more siblings – father of the groom, Ted with Eve, Linda and Rob

Lots of family with the bride and groom!

On to the reception!

Best Man Timi toasts the bride and groom

Ted makes a toast!

And there was dancing!

Mothers of groom and bride

After the reception, we went to Ted and Nancy’s home and played Mexican Train; we played 12 rounds. Linda was the winner!

Nancy’s sister Elisa, Ted, Rob, Nancy and Eve

Sunday, Jim drove into Nashville and picked up a few things that we had delivered to Chris and borrowed his pressure washer. He stopped by our storage unit to find his work shirts and to get the carpet cleaner. We had been having trouble with the kitchen faucet; it was not operating right and it was time to replace it. Jim found a nice one at Home Depot and installed it.

Rob flew home on Sunday. When Ted got back from the airport, he led Eve and Linda for a walk in his neighborhood. We saw a beautiful flower garden that somehow survived the recent heatwave. The homeowners were just coming back from the grocery store, so we chatted with the wife for a few moments – complimenting her on the garden, she said the velvety red snapdragons “volunteered” themselves from last year!

In another yard was a huge garden of daisies!

After a tasty meatloaf dinner, Linda played Phase 10 with Elisa, Janet, Nancy, Ted and Eve – Eve was the winner! no photos were taken!

Jim did maintenance on the Aqua Hot system (water heater and radiator type heat for the coach); he changed the fuel filter and the burner nozzle. Both of those jobs he paid someone else to do last year and it appeared that the technician we hired used some wrong parts and didn’t tighten things up properly. Lots of soot and oil – good thing we didn’t have a fire?! His job took extra long as it started to rain – with thunder and lightning.

Monday Jim sanitized the fresh water holding tank -which should be done every 6 months. He changed the water filters – those last about 90 days; recharged the water softener – done as needed, depending on the water we hook up to; once every 4-8 weeks. He also cleaned the carpet, which we try to do every 6 months. Busy day!

Meanwhile, back in Portland, it was Eve’s day to fly home, so after we dropped her at the airport, Ted took Linda on a little adventure in the Columbia Gorge! Our first stop was Bridal Veil Falls.

Our hike took us to a bridge over Bridal Veil Creek. 

A pretty waterfall in the Columbia Gorge. Bridal Veil Falls drops in two tiers, a total of about 120 feet. 

We ate our lunch at the overlook – the Columbia River was a beautiful sight!

We drove over to Multnomah Falls – the upper Falls – 542 feet; lower falls – 69 feet and a 9 foot elevation change between the 2 falls for a total of 620 feet makes it the tallest waterfall in Oregon. Its realy impossible to get it all in one photo with an iPhone…

A closer look at the top with a bit of a rainbow crossing thru the bridge!

And the beautiful lower falls!

We took a hike to the top of the falls – with 11 switchbacks on the 1.2 mile trail. We stopped on the bridge seen in the above photos and got a closer look at the upper falls.

Part of the 9 foot drop between the falls

A beautiful day to take this hike!

A short stop for a rest and to take in the view!

At the top of the falls was yet another small waterfall. There really is not much water flowing in Multnomah Creek, but it sure makes a lovely cascade as the water falls!

Yep – we made it to the top!

Looking over the rail – the parking lot is w-a-y down there!

Here’s part of the trail – and Ted waiting on Linda…

We enjoyed an ice cream cone afterwards and sat by this garden where a butterfly came for a visit.

Tuesday – Linda flew out of Portland and had a window seat. We flew past Mt St. Helens – We were there to see it a year ago!

Mount Adams and Mount Rainier soon followed.

Linda arrived in Nashville about 8pm. Jim had a busy day – he dropped the bikes off to have them checked out, went to storage to return the carpet cleaner, dropped off the recyclables, drove out to Dickson to get our mail and stopped at Home Depot for a few things. By then, it was time to go to the airport to get Linda!

Wednesday we met with a consultant to help us enroll in a Medicare plan. Jim was able to sign up today since he has a September birthday. Linda will enroll in a couple of months. Good to have that taken care of! After that, Linda met with her Book Club and Jim went to lunch with one of his co-workers. They will be working at a papermill in New Johnsonville for a couple of weeks – a place Jim has helped support for about 40 years, and they want him to be there! On our way back to Park City, we stopped off at Yazoo Brewing for a tasty beverage!

Thursday, Jim used Christopher’s pressure washer to clean the roof and wash Acey. He also took the washer/dryer unit out to clean the vent – there is no lint trap – they just are made that way! The folks at Splendide apparently don’t see the need for a lint trap; the vent line has several 90 degree turns so lint builds up and the laundry will not dry! This seems to be an annual job.

 Linda worked on the Blog – so much happened this past week – and so many photos!

Friday it rained some – Linda continued to work on the blog and Jim made a few preparations for our move tomorrow. We did a load of laundry and – it was nearly dry when it was done! In the afternoon, we drove into Nashville for another visit to Yazoo Brewing. We stopped at Eve’s to pick up a laptop stand that Linda loaned to Eve last year – we couldn’t find it, and Tank was no help; but he looks handsome in his lion cut!

Friday morning we will be moving to Bon Aqua for 2 weeks while Jim works at the paper mill.


4 thoughts on “3 Flights and a Wedding!”

    1. The cake was quite tasty! It was a wonderful wedding – some details were different from when Jim & I married nearly 42 years ago – pictures were taken before the wedding so as not to delay the reception – and apparently thr “receiving line” is passe? Maybe that is considered too formal? I really enjoyed my time in Portland and spending time with family for a fun occasion – too many of our recent gatherings have been sickness or funerals. We wish the best for the newlyweds as they start their lives together!

  1. Bill and I enjoyed this particular blog the best. It showed so much fun family times and the wedding was beautiful. We also enjoyed watching it LIVE here in San Diego, CA. Great that someone was able to set that up. Everyone looked happy and dressed to impress 🙂
    Oregon sure has some beautiful places and the hike up the falls looked awesome!
    Jim is always doing a great job updating everything in Acey! Thanks for taking the time to share your travels so we can all feel like we were there. Love you guys, Charlene & Bill

    1. Thanks Charlene! I really enjoyed being in Oregon with the siblings and we really squeezed a lot of stuff into 4 days! Jim got a lot done while I was away – and had to move twice without me to help. We will be together now for a while 🙂

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