Whats round on both ends and hi in the middle? On to OhiO!

We left Waterloo Harbor Campground on July 6 about 9am; Acey has 74,519.9 miles and Thor has 87,661. We drove thru Pennsylvania and into Ohio.

We arrived at Kenisee RV Campground in Jefferson Ohio just after 2pm and had lunch and got set up. We needed a few groceries, so we went into town. We stopped for a beer and saw some classic cars across the street.

Apparently they have weekly shows in Madison! This Ford Falcon reminded Linda of her friend Leslie way back in high School – Les turned 16 early in the year and had wheels! Hers was white.

This lady is only the 3rd owner of this ’66 Mustang , and none of her kids want it!

This ’57 Chevy was nice!

On our way back to Acey, we were following this car – the tag was similar to Linda’s Mom’s tag WEEZEEE!

On Wednesday, we went for a bike ride on another railtrail; the Western Reserve Greenway Trail. The trail was pretty flat and there was lots of shade on a warm day!

Apparently, there are 12 signs along this trail telling the story of the Underground Railway- here is one of them; the following 3 photos enlarge the sign if you care to read about it!

We rode about 12 1/2 miles. Linda had to get back and pack; Thursday she leaves to fly from Cleveland to Portland, OR – her nephew Tom is getting married on Saturday! Jim will be driving to the Cincinatti area on Friday and to Kentucky on Saturday – picking Linda up on Tuesday from the Nashville airport.


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