Easter time in Nashville

We had an early start again Monday April 4, leaving Goat Island Brewing in Cullman, Alabama at 7:20am with Acey’s mileage at 81,747, Thor has 100,776 and we have 19000.2 miles on our bicycles. We passed the big rocket at the Alabama welcome center at 8:30 and crossed into Tennessee a few moments later.

 We parked Acey at Yazoo Brewing at 10:30, got levelled and put the slides out. Jim removed the propane tank since we won’t be needing it while we live in Acey — and Linda fixed lunch. We detached Thor to run some errands, dropping off a few items at the Bellevue recycling center (it seems none of the places where we stayed recently in Florida collect recyclables). We picked up some packages at Christopher’s place and left our propane tank there since we have no use for it, for the time being. We stopped by our storage unit to pick up a table Jim will need in order to clean the lint out of our washer/dryer unit – there is no lint trap! So, he cleans it out annually to remove the caked-on lint in the dyer vent. We got back to Yazoo where Jim attended to a few chores with the things we picked up from Chris’ place. At 3:00, we drove Acey up to Grand Ole RV Resort in Goodlettsville – our “home away from home” as we like to think of it; we had lived in Nashville for 38 years, so it seems like home though we no longer have a “sticks n bricks” home there – for now! Chris dropped by after work to look at our Unifi wi-fi router and stayed for dinner. Jim got the washer/dryer squared away and now he can relax and take it easy after surgery tomorrow! Whew!

On Tuesday morning, we left about 8:30 to get to midtown to see the surgeon at 9:30 and carpal tunnel surgery was scheduled for 1:30 – lots of waiting! Jim was all prepped by noon.

He was taken for surgery at 1:00, and at 1:45 the doctor called Linda to say it all went well, and she came back to see Jim in recovery just after 2 pm.

Thankfully, the procedure is behind us – now Jim has to figure out how to eat and do other things without full use of his right hand for a few days, and Linda will be driving the (manual transmission) Jeep “Thor” for a while.

On Wednesday, we went out to Dickson to retrieve our mail and renew the tag for Acey, stopped at Christopher’s for yet another package we had delivered there and then visited Linda and Craig for a late lite lunch. Their dining area overlooks this lovely pond with lots of goldfish!

It’s always good to spend time with old friends!

We had a great time visiting and enjoying their hospitality — too soon it was time to leave for dinner and Bible study at Stephens Valley Church.

On Thursday, we received a call from our dentist – we were on a list to be called if they had any appointment cancellations, and it turned out they had 2 for the afternoon, so we were able to get our teeth cleaned!! The hygienist discovered a problem with one of Linda’s crowns, so we will have that fixed next week – great that we can take care of it while we are in Nashville; we won’t be back until the fall and that tooth could have become a problem if we didn’t have it fixed now!

It rained some on Friday morning and weather has been on the cool side – we may need to get our winter coats out as temps will be dipping down to the 30s over the weekend. After lunch on Saturday, we went to visit Will and Rachel – Craig and Linda had mentioned that their son Will wants to convert part of his attic space to an office/work area. We had an extra treat as his twin Wes was visiting with his wife Cat and baby Brynn!

How fun is it that Brynn is just 3 months old and her cousin is due next month – Rachel says she is expecting a boy! Luna the dog is very gentle and should have no problem sharing her “parents” with the new arrival.

After our visit, we headed back to Acey and had dinner. Eve and AJ stopped by, and we played some Tri-Ominos!

Sunday, we joined our Sunday School class in person and also worshipped at Stephens Valey Church on a beautiful Palm Sunday! After church, we met up with Chris for lunch on the patio at Jonathan’s.

Monday, we got up early – Linda had to be at the dentist office by 8am to have the old crown removed and get prepped for the new crown. Jim stayed with Acey to be there when the tire service came to replace Acey’s 2 front tires. The Michelins have “river channeling” on the edges and are starting to develop minor cracks; they are “out of date” next year, but we thought it best to go ahead and replace them now before we go to Alaska this summer!

We have “Tyrons” inside the tire, so they had to be removed and reinstalled. They help keep control of the coach in the event of a tire blow out. The spider tool helps with the removal and reinstallation jobs! (The Tyron band has the yellow dots on it.)

Linda came back from the dentist and as the numbness wore off, she noticed the temporary crown seemed to have a high spot, so after we had lunch, we went back to the dentist to have it fixed.

Tuesday evening, we had dinner at Lori and Rockwell’s home. We had a delicious meal and good fellowship!

Wednesday, Linda had a morning doctor appointment and after lunch, Jim was seen by the surgeon and he is good to go, his hand is healing well!

Afterwards, we stopped off at Yazoo again and met up with some friends. Our friend Chris is a big UT fan – but Linda (a Florida Gator) doesn’t hold that against him….

Linda and Bob worked at the same precinct on many election days!

Thursday, Linda went back to the dentist and received her crown – so glad we could get such a fast turnaround on that! While she was gone, Jim worked on the roof to remove the TV antenna and put up a new one.

We were back at Stephens Valley Church for the Maundy Thursday service in the evening. The word “Maundy” comes from the Latin mandatum (also the origin of the English word “mandate”) Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples, known as the Last Supper and gave a new command – to love and serve one another. It was at that Supper that He instituted the sacrament of communion, and the church service included communion, which we also refer to as the Lord’s Supper.

Friday morning Linda had a bone density scan – which we do every 2 years or so. We came back to Acey for a while – Chris had the day off and was up in Madison and came over for a late lunch with us – and we all went to Yazoo yet again. They had a pilot batch of a delicious Dunkelweizen on tap!

On Saturday we had lots of errands to run! We had a few things to drop off at the storage unit, a stop at Costco, recycles to drop at the Bellevue recycle center, mail the IRS check, stopped by our property in Pegram to see about trees that will need to be removed, picked up our mail in Dickson and then drove up to Clarksville for an Easter party at Amanda’s home! She had planned lots of activities and games and plenty of food! The weather was perfect – no rain and just a bit chilly.

Sorting out the “loot”!

Easter Sunday, we met with our Sunday School class. Thanks, Bill, for leading us through Colossians! At the worship service, we had a brass ensemble to enhance the Easter music. He has risen! He has risen indeed!

Tomorrow, we will be on the road again – heading to Little Rock – then on to Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming… and mid-June we cross into Canada and on to Alaska! We won’t be back this way until October.


6 thoughts on “Easter time in Nashville”

  1. Hi Linda and Jim,
    Sounds like you made great use of your time in Nashville. Your itinerary for the road ahead is amazing. Happy motoring!

    1. Yes – we were busy busy! Hoping to be a little more active and back on our bicycles as we continue on! Lots of driving here and there… Thanks for keeping up with us!

  2. Great pictures, as always. You guys were super busy for sure. Thanks for taking us with you on your travels.
    Hugs and kisses….ok hugs!!!!
    Bill & Charlene

  3. Yes, it’s been a nice tour so far, and sounds as though it will only get better!
    BTW, are either of your sons interested in marriage? Just curious.

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