Marking 2 years on the road!

On Monday April 18, we left the Grand “Ole” RV Resort at 9am with Acey’s mileage at 81,914.8 and Thor’s at 101,850. Since Jim had surgery, we did not ride bikes during our stay, but hope to ride again soon! We stopped to make lunch at a rest area after we crossed over the mighty (and muddy!) Mississippi and into Arkansas.

We arrived at Downtown Riverside RV Park in North Little Rock, Arkansas at 3:30. We got set up and added Arkansas to our map of states Acey has visited!

We parked right beside the Arkansas river! The former railroad bridge is part of the Arkansas River Trail – a beautiful bike and walking trail!
10 states to go – well 9 since Acey can’t go to Hawaii – but we have been there a few times!

Tuesday morning was a great day for a bike ride! We woke up to temperatures in the 50’s. After breakfast, we rode right from the RV Park and over the Clinton Presidential Bridge.

The RV Park is next to the Clinton Presidential Bridge!
We did not see any marine traffic on the Arkansas River during our stay.

The Clinton Presidential Library was right by the bridge on the Little Rock side of the river.

We had hoped to visit the library but didn’t really have time after our ride.

We found that the bike trail on the Little Rock side of the river was broken up and detoured due to construction and ended at the railroad tracks where a train was just approaching!

We crossed over another bridge to get back to the bike trail on the North Little Rock side of the river.

We rode past Big Rock Quarry Park – where the quarry was a big rock face rather than a large hole!


It was a great day to be out riding along the river!

The trail ends after it crosses over the Big Dam Bridge.

There is a lock to one side of the dam for marine traffic to pass thru.

There is a hydroelectric plant on the dam – which we did not get photos of…

We had a great ride on the Arkansas River Trail – lots to see and many hills to climb – but we rode against the wind on the way back to Acey. We rode just over 19 miles today after nearly 3 weeks off our bikes.

It was after 2pm when we got back to Acey and had lunch – the Clinton Library is only open until 5 – so perhaps we can visit another time… However, Arkansas’ oldest brewery, Diamond Bear Brewing, was nearby, so off we went!

Today – April 19 – is our 2-year anniversary living in Acey! We have logged 19,979.3 miles driving Acey, 35,620 more miles driving Thor – and 1919 miles on our bicycles. April 19 is also the 29th anniversary of our arrival for first trip to Hawaii (and the day of the Waco siege) and the 8th anniversary of our visit to Rottnest Island in Western Australia.

The bridge was lit up at night – the LED lights didn’t photograph real well.

We enjoyed our short stay in North Little Rock! It rained during the night and all morning on Wednesday. As the rain let up a bit, Jim packed up the water, sewer and power hookups, and we took off for Porter Oklahoma.


2 thoughts on “Marking 2 years on the road!”

  1. Thank you for all the pictures of bright sunshine and blue skies. Little Rock looks to be big on bicycles! Cheers and congratulations on your 2nd anniversary of RV living.

  2. Two years!! Wow, that is really an amazing adventure uglad we could see you for your stay in Nashville .

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