Effingham overnight and on to Iowa

This rooster stood guard as we entered Camp Lakewood Campground in Effingham Illinois, arriving about 2:30 on Wednesday May 27.  Arriving odometer reading 62,222.9. We drove into town hoping to try some local brews at Effing Brew Company but they were closed. This may be a sign of things to come with Covid-19 imposing so many restrictions on what can be opened. We got some groceries at Aldi and returned home to Acey.

We left on Thursday and stopped at “the world’s largest truck stop” in Walcott, Iowa and fixed lunch

We arrived at Squaw Creek Park (a county park) in Marion Iowa at 3:05 pm – and leave here on Sunday. Arriving odometer reading 62,577.6

A beautiful sunset after a mostly rainy day!


2 thoughts on “Effingham overnight and on to Iowa”

  1. That is the longest vehicle I seen in a long time, plus the car. Good grief, how long did it take you to learn to drive that ????? Be careful and have a wonderful time. If you talk to Linda Nelson again, tell her hello. don’t know if she would remember me or not. Blessings !!

    1. I have only driven around a campground- but we took a Driver’s Confidence Course when we bought Acey last year and I will drive… Jim loves to drive it! And I am sure Linda N remembers you both! 😊

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