Onward Ho!

We left Nashville at 8:30 the morning of May 27, 2020 with a light rain falling. Acey’s mileage is 61,935.5. It was April 27, a full month ago, that we had planned to start out from Nashville – but, as mentioned in our first post, “Plan A” was blown away with the shutdown and restrictions imposed due to Covid-19. So, we will NOT be heading to Asheville, Colonial Williamsburg up the east coast and into eastern Canada – and trek across Canada. Last we heard, Canada is closed to “non-essential” travel until July – we are disappointed, but there is a lot of the US to see and we are eager to get on the road!

Our stop for the evening will be Effingham, Illinois, then on to Iowa, Minnesota and then to the west

Jim wanted Linda to drive some today, but that’s not happening – its raining and we didn’t put the markers (small 1/4″ round colored dots) on the mirrors. They help to indicate where the driving lanes are in relation to the back wheels. There is also a small dot on the windshield to help indicate the edge of the road when making a sharp left turn. We took a driver’s confidence course last year when we bought Acey and we both passed with flying colors! Linda drove Acey around a campground that we stayed at last summer, but nothing since then. The largest vehicle she had driven before piloting Acey is the old Suburban we used to have. So maybe tomorrow?! There will be plenty of opportunity in the days to come!


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