Greetings! Lets get you up to date!

We sent out greetings at Easter since we did not get our annual Christmas epistle together last year (for Christmas 1999), so this is a good summary of the latest with us!

2019 was an eventful year for our family; then came 2020 with a completely new twist; here’s a rundown:

We returned to Tampa for the RV show in January 2019. While in Tampa, we found a beautiful 2009 American Coach – American Allegiance model – motorhome at Lazydays. She is a 42-foot long diesel pusher and has all the conveniences of home – king size bed, bath and a half, a washer/dryer, a/c and even a dishwasher! We took several trips with “Acey” – in 2019,  we went away for Memorial Day weekend, July 4 week we spent in Paducah (Jim worked that week), went to Chattanooga for our 40th anniversary, took a 3 week trip in August – September; up to St. Louis, thru Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. We also went to Gulf Shores in October.

Meet Acey!!

Acey is quite comfortable and we can definitely see ourselves living in comfort on the road for an extended period. We do plan to return to the Nashville area at some point to build on the property we bought in Pegram, just west of Nashville.

On “pi day” (an appropriate day for a former baker!) we lost the last of our parents as Linda’s Dad passed on March 14, 2019 having lived for 94 ½ years. Reunited with Mom after losing her 6 years prior, he was fortunate to have been living in his own home where he was well cared for.

Bill and Charlene joined us in Nashville for Thanksgiving, and shared their latest cruise adventure – Voyage of the Vikings – a 35-day cruise on the North Atlantic! Rob and Chuck also came for turkey, as well as Chris, Eve, Amanda and Andrew with his 2 girls.

Thanksgiving 2019 – our last big gathering on Hallows Drive

We had a different kind of Christmas last year – we cruised the Caribbean on the Carnival Horizon with Chuck, Chris, Rob, Ted and Nancy. It was a festive time and we had great weather. The ship even has a brewery on board!

Chuck still lives in Baton Rouge, LA working for ECI. He set a goal of running a marathon in all 50 states, and has just 13 states to go.

Christopher is working at Tennessee Department of Transportation. As a “side job”, he and Jim also do tech support for the local Yazoo Brewery. Christopher’s own business of home computer repair & consulting keeps him busy in his off time and helps to pay his bills. Let us know if you would like his assistance in your home.

We had hoped to be in our new church building by last Christmas; our first service for Stephens Valley Church in the new digs was finally held on March 1. However, we are now “worshipping virtually” on Facebook and YouTube, – and even for Easter, we worshipped by video. This corona virus is changing the way we do a lot of things. You can join us – look for Stephens Valley Church Nashville! The church is streaming live on YouTube and may be open again on May 31.

This past March, Eve sold her condo in Nashville and moved to a new house in Springfield, TN ~ a little closer to her daughter Amanda’s house in Clarksville, TN. She and her cat, Tank, are all settled in.

We listed OUR house on Thursday, March 5, had 3 showings on Friday and signed a contract on Saturday! We closed on April 22 and we moved into Acey on the 19th , just as Jim retired from his job at Advanced Engineering.  Our first destination was to be Asheville NC, then on to Williamsburg VA; and then planned to trek across Canada but the border is closed until at least July. Covid-19 has changed our plan, but our home is on wheels, so we have been “isolating at home” in Goodlettsville, TN (just north of Nashville) till May 27 and then will head northwesterly!

We have been trusting God to guide us as we finalized the sale of the house, packed up and moved out and prepare to begin our journey. So many RV parks have closed, but we have faith that we will find safe haven as we wander like the Israelites – going on an adventure we had not foreseen! We would love to spend time visiting with our friends when it is safe to do so, so keep in touch!

July 21, 2019  – our 40th (ruby) anniversary at Ruby Falls
Julie, Royce, Gwyneth and Violet visited Acey in August in Minnesota (Julie is Jim’s niece)
We visited Tahquamenon Falls and explored the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Took a short break to pose on the rocks while riding our bikes around Mackinaw Island on Labor Day
We also stopped in at the Franklin (MI) Cider Mill – Jim  grew up almost next door to it!
At Gulf Shores in October, Jim enjoys a beer while watching the Nashville Predators play hockey.

Please make a note of our new mailing address: 445 Highway 46S, Suite 29-286, Dickson TN 37055 And you can use the Contact Us page to get in touch faster and follow our adventures here at!


4 thoughts on “Greetings! Lets get you up to date!”

  1. You are wonderful friends in ever expanding ‘communities’ – roots in Michigan, Florida, and all around Tennessee. We enjoyed our recent picnic dinner with you! This blog will help us to saddle-up with you for active – safe-distancing In 2020-21 – safely re-opening the country ;)! God’s wind ever at your back, held in the palm of His hand. L & C Nelson

  2. This is Ken from words with friends.
    All the photos look so great. I am so jealous
    Of your motor home adventures. You have a great looking family.
    Stay safe and continue have such a great time

  3. So much fun to see you and Jim traveling and now seeing the new house. We just had close friends mover to Nashville so if we ever get down there we will make sure to stop in for a visit. Company “appears” to be close to being sold and if that’s the case we have talked about getting a “rig”. Not sure which way we would go as we love the way our son and daughter-in-law go with a GMC 2500 Yukon Denali dragging their “trailer” which is pretty sweet. We will shop around as I am terrible at backing up with any kind of trailer. Looking forward to the latest pictures of the “finished” house. Have a great year and hope to see you sometime again.

    1. I just now saw your message when I posted the February blog. Jim would be glad to talk to you about the pros and cons of different RVs. We love the motorhome! We are heading back to Tennessee on March 4 and need to get the house finished. We’d love to see you guys! We are thinking about a summer trip to Mt Rushmore and points west.

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