Moving out!

After 40 years of marriage and 20 years in our house, we had a LOT of stuff! With Covid-19 issues, we had to be creative in disposing of things we didn’t want to keep. Goodwill took a lot of things, but not furniture. We posted things on Craig’s List, Buy Nothing and other places on Facebook to sell or give away many items. Some of the trash was a whole ‘nother issue! The Metro dump would only take 3 bags of household trash! Because we own property in Cheatham County, we were able to take the tax bill and pay $3.75/100 pounds to dispose of a lot of stuff. We got 2 storage units – one climate controlled since we have artwork, photos and other things we wanted to have in a climate controlled environment – and a bigger unit for furniture and everything else.

April 19 – We got up EARLY on Sunday morning to move Acey out of Mallory Station Storage in Cool Springs Where she had been parked since we brought her to Nashville – except of course when we took her out! We parked her in Bellevue for a few hours in the parking lot at Royal Range while we loaded up for our move to Goodlettsville.

Driving up I-65

We dropped her off at the Grand Ole RV resort and went back to the house to work on packing. We were on deadline! Final walk thru was the day of closing, Wednesday April 22, and the moving van was coming Monday April 20!

Moving Day

April 20 – we slept well in Acey and got back to the house to pack and move! There was so much MORE stuff that didn’t get in boxes, so after 2 truck loads, we still had a lot of work to do! It was a real blessing that Jim was homebound due to the virus, as there was so much more to do!

April 21 – Jim got a THIRD storage unit so we would have a place to put what we had not moved out of the house. Some of it needed to go to the dump, some of it needed to be packed, but it all had to get out of the house!

April 22 – we were still at the house clearing things out – we had been there since Tuesday morning! But we got everything moved to the garage and were sweeping and vacuuming when the buyers came for the walk thru! They were VERY gracious and let us have time to empty out the garage — they were not moving in right away. By Friday, we had it all moved out!


We know that our son Chris has ADHD – and both Jim and Linda feel they have some of the same issues – and we got this adorable squirrel flag to hang outside the motorhome.


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