We left Merriam, KS at 9am on Wednesday April 27 – Acey had 82,856 miles, Thor 102,088, and we have put 1940.7 miles on our bikes. Another windy but clear day for driving.

We left Kansas, back into Missouri, into Iowa and then into Nebraska!

We stopped for diesel at Costco in Lincoln, NE at 1:00 and arrived at Camp A Way at 1:30. We got settled in and fixed lunch and added Nebraska to our map.

The winds were stronger than we like for biking, so we went exploring – we spotted the dome of the capitol building as we drove toward town, and as we came closer, were surprised by the unique look – with an office tower – as we drove past the building – (photo from internet)

Trip Advisor recommended we visit Sunken Gardens. We saw some gardens by the Zoo. This pretty flowering white tree had weeping branches.

Across the street was the Sunken Gardens. Colorful tulips greeted us!

This garden has been here for a long time — over 90 years!

The fountain/waterfall was not running – maybe too early in the year?

Lots of room for more flowers!

Beautiful dogwoods in bloom behind the pool.

And some large koi swam in the murky water in the pools

This section of the garden was full of white tulips – but they haven’t yet opened on the far side of the circle!

Linda was wondering if it would be OK to “tiptoe thru the tulips” but the sign said NO!

Lovely colors – large and small!

Going back to the Jeep, we saw a giraffe at the zoo – but it was too late in the day to visit the zoo

As we drove along, we saw these signs with a Model T motif. (Learn more here!)

We stopped for some craft beer at Zipline Brewing in Lincoln.

We headed back to Acey for dinner and did a load of laundry.

Thursday morning, we left Lincoln at 9am. Acey has 83,065 miles and Thor has 102,105 miles and the bikes still have 1940.7 miles since we didn’t ride yesterday. We had planned to stay 2 nights but shortened our stay due to the high winds and storms expected in western Nebraska and Colorado Friday afternoon. We are heading to the Boulder-Loveland area and don’t want to be caught driving in high winds! As we drove west on I-80 thru Nebraska, we saw lots of fields and some windsocks along the highway.

We stopped at a rest area to make lunch – and to clean the bugs off the windshield. We arrived at Pal’s Brewing in North Platte at 2:30 – our overnight “Harvest Hosts” stop for the night.

We drove to the grocery store since we were out of milk and came back to Pal’s. We had a couple of flights, sampling their craft brews and enjoyed them. We met another couple at the brewery that has been RVing fulltime for 12 years! WOW – they were also staying the night parked at Pal’s but are heading East tomorrow.

We will have an early start tomorrow, heading into Colorado and staying in Loveland!


6 thoughts on “Nebraska”

  1. I’m sure those windsocks are appreciated by the motorists. Nice detail. Hmm, what size were those flights? 8 oz! Cheers! Enjoy. 12 years…
    thanks for posting.

    1. Flights are generally 4 oz. – just enough to get a good taste of the brew. Some of the windsocks we saw looked like they were pretty frayed and faded – probably need to be replaced – a sure sign that the winds must regularly be a problem driving across the plains!

  2. I remember driving in a motorhome during deputation across I-80 in the winter of 1975 and being blown from one side to the other. Not a great feeling! We had a 22′ vehicle which was more easily pushed around than yours. We were glad to reach our destination that day!!

    1. Jim checks the Wind-finder App and saw the high winds were coming in late Friday and into Saturday which is why we cut our time short in Lincoln to get to Loveland Friday rather than Saturday. High winds are definitely not a friend to a high-profile vehicle like our motorhome. I’m not sure it matters what the length is – high winds can (and have) push over a big truck!

  3. Enjoying your reports and pictures. The states you are visiting include some of the ones we have left to visit (about 7-8 states). Your stories are previews of what we can look forward to seeing. Thanks!

    1. We have been out west a few times – we had a fun vacation celebrating Chuck’s high school graduation in 2002 – we flew out to Vegas and drove out to San Diego, around Utah, Colorado and Nevada to see several national Parks – Zion, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands and the Grand Canyon – as well as Hoover Dam. What a whirlwind trip that was! There certainly are so many wonderful, beautiful places to see in this country and we are just scraping the surface!

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