Merriam, Kansas

We left Springfield, MO at 9am with Acey’s mileage at 82,686.8 and Thor’s 102,048, and we have1,929.6 miles on our bicycles. It was another windy – but clear day for driving.

We crossed the state line into Kansas at 11:48

and arrived at Walnut Grove RV Park just past noon. we got set up, fixed lunch and added Kansas to our map. We are in a suburb of Kansas City.

We had intended to drive up to Leavenworth to see the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum but were disappointed to find out its only open Friday – Sunday. We were then thinking about going for a bike ride when Linda got an e-mail from our internet provider – for our “my-fi” device. Envision Services/ Mobile Must Have/EZ Mobile Data notified us that AT&T service will no longer function as of Thursday, but they will be glad to send us a T-Mobile SIM card. Nice that they gave us a whole three days’ notice! … so Jim looked into who else we can get service from since this provider only corresponds by email – and it is usually DAYS before we ever get a response. We have TV service thru BIX wireless (also known as Taz TV) and it gives tons of channels, movies, access to old TV episodes… so we contacted them and we will get a T-Mobile SIM card and service from them for a lower price – and they actually provide phone-based customer service. Problem solved!

There is an IKEA store close by – we have been to one somewhere before and went to go check it out this one.

You can design a custom kitchen – all sizes of cupboards and drawers, many different finishes, but none are solid wood. Lots of countertop surfaces and hardware too.

They display several ideas about furnishing different rooms in your home.

There is a HUGE warehouse where you can bring home today a lot of what they sell!

We went back to Acey and fixed dinner – calling it a day!

Tuesday was a great day for a bike ride, and a nearby trail was accessible right from the RV park. We packed up lunch and rode off to the Turkey Creek Streamway Trail.

It was a scenic ride mostly along this creek.

We passed by a cute sculpture of a caterpillar and butterfly – found photos online

The trail was closed after we rode over I-35, so we turned around and crossed over this bridge to have lunch at Werner Park.

This park also hosts a Farmers Market and other events – at the entrance there were 3 very large cherries!

We rode just over 11 miles today on a nice and somewhat hilly trail. We got showers and headed out to visit Boulevard Brewing – in Kansas City, MO

We both got a flight of 4 beers and enjoyed the view from the 2nd floor patio.

In the taproom there was an old Shasta trailer made into a photo booth. As a young girl, Linda was very fond of the Shasta trailers with their little wing on the back.

That trailer was about the size of the Aljo that Linda’s family took out West in 1962.

Linda, Ted and Laura – Eve is peeking out the door

You can read about the adventures with Linda’s family in a blog post way back in May of 2020!

We stopped at Transport Brewing, a small craft brewery just down the street from our RV park for a pint. We met Rusty and his pal Charley that he rescued a few years ago.

We went back to Acey and made dinner and made some preparations to move again in the morning.


6 thoughts on “Merriam, Kansas”

    1. For sure – one reason We are doing this blog is to remember where we went and what we did – kind of a scrap book that e are sharing with our friends and family!

  1. KC is barbecue country! I hope you guys had your fill 🤠 I’ve got a program around here somewhere from when we cooked at the Royal BBQ cook-off in KC. I seem to remember that you want to buy your beer in Missouri because Kansas City, Kansas beer was watered down. I think it’s called three / two beer?

    1. We did NOT get any BBQ – probably should have – but that gives us an excuse to come back! We did however pick up some povitica to share with you! Boulevard was indeed in Missouri and had great beer- but the little craft brewery in Merriam had tasty brews as well! We enjoyed our short stay – but had to get moving to avoid the big windstorm coming! We’ll be seeing you real soon!

    1. In August of 2019, we went on a 3-week trip and stayed in East St Louis, Illinois. We drove the Jeep into St Louis and visited the zoo, saw the Arch and also went to Schlafly Brewing. We stayed 2 nights – so we only had the one full day. We may have to go back again someday!

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