Newport, Washington

We left Wallace, Idaho at 9:40 on Friday June 10 in a light drizzle. Acey has 86,059.9 miles, Thor 103,652 and we have ridden 2036.6 miles on our bicycles. It continued to rain as we drove past Lake Coeur d’Alene.

The rain finally stopped by the time we filled up with diesel at Post Falls, Idaho -another 86.64 gallons. We won’t mention the cost – it’s just part of the journey 🙂 We crossed the state line into Washington and arrived at Thousand Trails Newport/Little Diamond Lake at 1:30. We have a level site with 50amp power and water, but no sewer. This park does not have any sewer connections. We are just a bit north of Spokane and not too far from the Idaho state line. This will be our last stop in the US until we get to Alaska! We cross into Canada next Friday and will meet up with a group to “caravan” to Alaska.

Sunday morning, we Zoomed with our Sunday School class and are studying the book of Acts. The apostle Luke wrote this book – a continuation of his gospel account. We tuned into YouTube to worship with Stephens Valley Church, watching the service from May 22 (Bulletin). 1 Kings 22:29–40: A Random Shot — King Ahab gets his comeuppance.

After lunch we went for a walk around the campground and went down to the little lake and saw a couple of ducklings with their mama.

One motorhome we walked by had this slogan:

Later in the afternoon, we Zoomed with the family. Linda’s sister Eve had hip replacement surgery yesterday and is in the hospital – we are praying for a speedy recovery! She is doing better every day!

Linda made Pumpkin Chicken Chili in the Instant Pot – which can also be used as a slow cooker – we’ll have dinner for 2 more nights!

Monday it rained and rained all day! We worked on paperwork and such – ran out to the stores – we are hoping for good weather at least one day this week to go for a bike ride! And Tuesday was more of the same! Wednesday turned out to be the perfect day to get outside! We drove I-90 past Lake Coeur d’Alene again.

We took the scenic route to Harrison to ride on the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes. This is one of the best trails we have been on and enjoyed our rides in the summer of 2020 – it was a bit of a drive from Newport, but worth it!

We rode from Harrison to the big trestle at Chatcolet, which is hard to see here.

The ramp up to the top undulates which makes for an easier ride up and a fun but “bumpy” ride down!

Here’s a photo of the trestle from July 2, 2020

It was a nice day to be out for a ride; 62° and 52% humidity.

As we rode, we could almost imagine a train passing thru the area. We really like riding these rails-to-trails!

We rode just over 15 miles and headed back to Newport. On the way, we got a text from Linda’s sister – she is going HOME from the hospital this evening! Her recovery is going well and we are thankful for all the prayers and visitors she has had. Her daughter has been great in looking out for her!

We finally got our package of mail on Thursday. Chris sent it by Priority Mail to the Newport Post Office, addressed to us with “Hold for Pickup” which is basically the same as General Delivery – but the Postmaster in Newport decided he didn’t want to accept it, so he sent it back! Chris picked it up Monday at the Bellevue Post Office and re-sent it to a shipping service in Newport. Having contacted the Newport PO, they apologized that the “package was mistakenly returned to sender “. Getting mail is one of the biggest hassles we face while travelling on the road. Most Thousand Trail parks either will not accept mail (like this park in Newport) or charge to have a package delivered for transients like us. Many other parks have no problem accepting mail, but unless we stay for 3 days or more, timing can be a problem!

We are off to Canada in the morning and will meet up with a group of RVer’s that we will travel with to Alaska! Hoping we will have internet connection and can keep our friends and family informed of our travels.


6 thoughts on “Newport, Washington”

  1. Bon voyage on your trip through Canada to Alaska. You do pick up some great shots along the way; the ducklings and the ‘no mow lawn’ are gems!

    1. Thanks Ted! We are really enjoying our travels and glad we can share some of what we see and do!

    1. Hoping our Starlink will connect so we have wifi and can keep the blog going! We have been really looking forward to this adventure thru Canada and Alaska! It will be so hard to narrow down photos to post… we’ll see how it goes! 🙂

  2. I attended the Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree in 1969. It was held outside of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I think I was a freshman in high school. That was the farthest I had been from home without my family. Quite an experience for a country boy from rural West Tennessee. It was beautiful back then, and still is.

    I am excited will be excited to hear about Canada and Alaska.

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