Northern Kentucky RV Park

We left Indian Lakes Campground in Batesville, IN at 11:50am on Monday, November 1. We headed out with Acey’s mileage at 78,756.2 – Thor has 94,037 and we have put 1,492 miles on our bikes. As we headed out, we drove a few miles into Ohio, back into Indiana, over the Ohio River and into Kentucky all in 16 minutes!

We stopped at Costco to refuel (some Costcos carry diesel!), parked at a rest area to make lunch and arrived at Northern KY RV Park at 1:00. After we got set up, we went for a walk around the campground.

Linda’s Apple watch map of our walk shows how the park is situated between I-75 and a train track. This will make for rather noisy nights…

Sure enough, traffic was noisy all night but we only heard one train blow its horn during the night. After breakfast, we headed to nearby Willliamstown, KY to go to the Ark Encounter. The Ark is built to the specifications given to Noah, outlined in the 6th chapter of Genesis “14 Make yourself an ark of gopher wood.4 Make rooms in the ark, and cover it inside and out with pitch. 15 This is how you are to make it: the length of the ark 300 cubits,5 its breadth 50 cubits, and its height 30 cubits. 16 Make a roof6 for the ark, and finish it to a cubit above, and set the door of the ark in its side. Make it with lower, second, and third decks.(Genesis 6:14–16 ESV)

There are some people in yellow and orange near the center – to give perspective to the ark’s immensity.

Cubits can vary; the ark here was built to be 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high, making it the largest freestanding, timber-frame structure in the world.

Since the Bible does not provide every detail the designers needed to build the replica, artistic license was used, taking great care not to contradict biblical details. Read more about that here.

It may have taken Noah 75 years to build the ark; with modern construction equipment it took a little over 2 years to build the Ark Encounter structure.

As we entered the ark, there were sound effects to make it seem like a storm was here! Noah and his family were gathered for prayer.

Noah’s Prayer “God of heaven, we ask for your mercy through this terrible storm. You called me to build a ship to preserve my family and the animals that you brought to me, and I have sought to be faithful to honor you in all that I have done. Preserve us now through your judgement on this world as you have promised and we will be faithful to serve you all our days.”

This may be how small animals could have been contained. As we passed through this area, we heard sounds of animals chattering in the cages.

No one knows exactly how the animals were kept, but this is what the Ark Encounter designers came up with – water containers on each enclosure and the waste would be collected down chutes under each one and cleaned out at the bottom.

Reptiles and amphibians may have been kept in pots like these, with moths for food.

Larger animals, of course, had larger enclosures. here are the Bear kind, the sloth kind, the deer kind, the pig kind and the giraffe kind.

There were cages of many other kinds of animals represented that are now extinct. Read more here.

Water or other things may have been stored like this – several walls had jars lined up like this.

And feed or other dry foods may have been stored like this.

The enormity of the ark was impressive – large trees give strength to the 3-floor structure. Quoting from the Ark Encounter website, “The trees were standing dead Englemann spruce that were over 200 years old. They were responsibly harvested from a forest in Utah. There are select forests managed by the forestry service where dead trees, before they begin to rot, are harvested and repurposed; then the forest is replanted for future harvests. What’s really nice about these gigantic 66 foot tall logs that are 50 inches in diameter is the fact that they are already dry, so they won’t move or twist once in place.” More info here, including a 5 minute video.

More info we found interesting…

There could not have been a pair of every species of a kind – as these displays explain:

The rain lasted 40 days, but it took a while for the waters to recede, even after the ark settled on land; it was nearly a full year that Noah’s family and the animals were on the ark. All the creatures came in thru the door. The door is very symbolic in the scriptures.

More food for thought – you may or may not agree with the scriptural world view, but it makes sense to us.

We found the Ark Encounter to be quite interesting and gave us a lot to think about! You can read more about it here!

On Wednesday, Linda worked on the blog, Jim did some maintenance chores and after lunch we drove to Florence to walk in the mall – its rather cold out! On many trips North, we have passed by this water tower off I-75/71 – recognize it?!

We drove over to check out Braxton Brewing’s Barrell House in nearby Fort Mitchell.

They had a big selection of craft brews on tap. We enjoyed a flight and headed back to Acey.

Thursday morning we head out again – to Park City, KY. Linda has an appointment with our dentist in Nashville to have her tooth looked at – a couple of weeks ago, the crown fell off a back molar and was glued back on – just want to have Dr. T see if all is OK – or not… so we have an early start planned.

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15 thoughts on “Northern Kentucky RV Park”

  1. You guys are seeing so many awesome places. The Arc Encounter looks like a VERY interesting place to see. Enjoying your blogs as usual and appreciate the time that goes into making them. Safe travels to you both. Hugs, Charlene & Bill

    1. Thanks Charlene & Bill. We really enjoyed seeing the Ark; Eve and Amanda went a couple of years ago and I had heard from other friends that visited it; really quite amazing!

  2. Linda, That was so interesting. Thank you for making it possible for me to see things that I will likely never see in person. You do such a fine job!

  3. I found the ark to be amazing. After looking at your pictures I want to plan a repeat trip. There is so much to absorb. I could see how they could have managed all the animals.

    Thanks for sharing y’alls adventures.

    1. Thanks for commenting Gaye! We really enjoyed it and thinking about how Noah and his family managed their life on the ark with all the animals. Really interesting!

  4. Wow, Noah, Lamech and crew lived such long lives. I’m pleased to see that the animals taken into the ark were given water and had a good sanitary system (spellcheck offered me ‘salvation system!). I’m going to brush up on my geography about that route from Batesville to Kentucky going through Ohio. Thanks for boldly sharing your tour of our great nation with me.

  5. I enjoy reading your blog and love the beautiful photographs!!! You are having such marvelous adventures and it is great feeling like I am along for the ride.

    1. Glad to be able to have our “virtual followers” along for the ride! It’s handy to be able to use my (iPhone8) phone for photos – it does take good pics!

  6. Excellent narrative and photos of the Ark Encounter! It’s been 3+ years since we were there, but your post makes me want to go back.

    1. It was a LOT of information! We were thinking about going to the Creation Museum too, but we’ll do it another time – the mind can only absorb so much till you get into “sensory overload” We really enjoyed it and it made us think about so many aspects of how they lived a year on the Ark. God provides a way!

  7. Thanks, Linda for adding me to your blog. We will enjoy traveling with you by reading your blogs. We pray for safe travels and exciting visits. We enjoyed seeing you this morning.

    1. Glad to have you connected to our blog and sure appreciate prayers as we continue to travel! We will be in the Nashville area for most of November-it’s great to be “home” for a spell but we look forward to warmer weather as we will head south.

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