TT Horseshoe Lakes, Clinton, IN

We left Yazoo at 8:15am on Friday October 15. Acey has 78,281.8 miles and Thor has 93,391 miles. Linda was going to drive, but it was raining, so Jim drove – as usual. We stopped for fuel in Nashville, and drove thru Kentucky – and soon came to the Ohio River.

and back into Indiana

We stopped at a rest area just past Evansville to have lunch. As we drove into Terre Haute, Linda had a crown on a molar come off, so she is seeing a dentist on Monday. Why do these things happen late on a Friday afternoon?! We arrived at the Thousand Trails park – Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground in Clinton, just northwest of Terre Haute, at 4:15. We have full hookups at this campground, so we can get caught up on laundry, and refresh the water softener.

Saturday we did 3 loads of laundry – the washer/dryer has a small capacity, so we can’t wash large loads, but it works well. Put in dirty laundry, it comes out clean and dry in about 2 hours.

We realized the windshield wipers need to be replaced. We have not driven a lot in the rain, but yesterday, it was a reminder that the wipers are getting worn out. Jim removed one of them to measure it; they are both the same size. He needs to get an adapter in order to install new blades – the style has changed some since 2009 – and the wipers, if not the original ones – are just like the original ones!

We may also need to look into getting LED headlights – the headlights are not very bright. When we drove into Nashville in the dark last week, it was evident that they ought to be updated. Just like an older house – or a car – frequently something is needing to be maintained, fixed or upgraded.

Horseshoe Lakes is one of the larger Thousand Trail parks that we have been to – with 290 acres but has only 134 sites. Many of the sites are “annuals”, so we were glad they assigned us a site. Here’s a map. We went for a short walk to check out the area.

Sunday, we worshipped virtually by YouTube with Stephens Valley Church in Nashville and then Zoomed with our Sunday School class. Later we Zoomed with the family.

Monday, Linda went to Aspen Dental in Terre Haute to have her tooth looked at. The dentist there thought the best course of action was to cement the crown back on and have our dentist look at it in a couple of weeks when we get back to the Nashville area. It was a beautiful, but cool, day – so after that, we went for a bike ride. It was 53F and warmed up to 60F while we rode. We started at Fairbanks Park, and ended up on the National Road Heritage Trail.

We rode past Indiana State University’s football field.

Part of the trail was rails-to-trails which was made evident by the gradual slope and being elevated above the surrounding areas – there were some old rail ties along the side of the path; we had never seen that before!

We rode past Rose Hulman Institute of Technology’s football field. Chuck spent 4 years at Rose, earning his ChemE degree.

Home of the Fightin’ Engineers. The team is setting records this year!

We rode 16 1/2 miles today. After lunch at Moe’s, we stopped at Aldi and headed back to Acey.

Tuesday, Jim did a back flush and another regen on the water softener – the water seems to be quite hard here. We went for a walk around the campground again – another beautiful day – we were hoping to see fall colors, but just a little color so far!

There are a lot of trails here – and make for a nice walk.

Wednesday we went for another ride on the Heritage Trail – starting at the other end. Chuck spent a lot of time on this trail ; he rollerbladed, ran and rode his bike while in school here. We rode nearly 12 miles today.

Dr Hulbert was President of RHIT during Chuck’s first 2 years there.

As we drove back to the campground, there were many fields of field corn – which we have seen alot in our travels these past few weeks.

A closer look shows the ears on the stalks – some are split open a bit.

Some fields have been harvested – and we saw some cobs left behind.

Further down the road, we saw a harvest in progress! The (red) combine cuts the stalk, separates the ears from the stalk and cleans the corn off the cob, and the kernels go into a hopper. Then they are transfered to the wagon of the green truck , which ran alongside the combine as it harvested.

We stopped to watch for a couple of minutes, and the green truck emptied its hopper into a larger truck. The whole process is described in detail on this page and has videos too. We found it interesting, maybe you will too!

Its been windy and rainy, but on Saturday we went for another bike ride on the Heritage Trail, started at the Jones Trailhead.

It was a cool day today – 53F when we started out, with 77% humidity – and only warmed up to 57. We rode nearly 12 miles again today. After our ride, we drove past this sign.

When we visited Chuck during his school years here, we went to the Clabber Girl Museum. It closed earlier this year – but you can visit it here! We stopped at Terre Haute Brewing – the taproom did not exist when Chuck was in school… maybe a good thing?!

It rained overnight and most of Sunday morning. Jim was able to pack up the outside stuff between raindrops. We worshipped virtually by YouTube with our home church in Nashville – Stephens Valley Church – and Zoomed with our Sunday School class. It was raining still when we hooked up Thor – so we are a bit damp. We are heading to Batesville, IN today and will be there for a week before we head to Park City, KY – closing in on Nashville!

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  1. Hey, I’ve been to the claber girl museum coming back from the covered bridge festival in Park county Indiana. Your pictures definitely ooze the Midwest at harvest time! I’ll be back in IL. in 2 weeks to meet my new granddaughter!

    1. Oh how fun! We will be in Nashville by then – staying thru Thanksgiving. Have a great time with your family!

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