Grand Ole RV Resort Goodlettsville, TN

We had been here in Goodlettsville for a few weeks and realized it may be difficult to find a place to go for Memorial Day. So, we decided to continue to “isolate at home” at Grand ole RV Resort where we have been staying since April 19. We will stay on until May 27 and then move on!

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After we finally have sorted thru all our excess stuff, including several boxes of slides from both of our families. We kept the ones that had family members in them and disposed of the rest. They had been stored for years, and who is going to ever look through those thousands of slides? We will keep just a small box of them and hope to digitalize them at some point! We closed up the third storage unit, disposing of a lot more stuff, and squeezing the rest into the other 2 units, Linda got busy making some masks that may come in handy as we travel. Amanda will “store” the sewing machine at her place, so when she came for Mothers’ Day, she got a quick tutorial on the machine and we made 2 masks. Linda has the shaggy dog look – a haircut would be GREAT!

We drove out to Dickson to get our mail on the 9th – and found the Cracker Barrel was open – so we enjoyed INDOOR DINING! What a concept!

Mother’s Day (May 10) we had a nice picnic lunch with Eve, Amanda and Andrew. It seems the restrictions are loosening up some. We had less than 10 people, so we are OK!

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Chis brought us some delicious barbecue for dinner – but no pictures were taken…

Surrounding counties have opened restaurants and hair salons. etc. We finally got our hair cut at Great Clips in Springfield. Neither of us had a hair cut since February – so we were way overdue! On Saturday, May 16, our friends and former neighbors, Craig and Linda came with their “grand dog” Leo for a picnic dinner.

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We drove to a truck stop to weigh Acey and found it would be a good idea to get some weight off the front end, so Jim removed the sliding trays out of the “basement”. This actually gives us a little more room, and took about 400 pounds off the front end.

Jim has to go underneath to remove the bolts that held the slide runners in place..

Cyndi came to visit us on May 23; it will be a while till we will see each other.

On May 25th, we were invited to be part of a VERY small congregation at Stephens Valley Church – our last Sunday in the Nashville area. The church has been closed due to the pandemic, but is broadcasting the services live on YouTube; which is great – we will be able to worship virtually while on our journey. So, we attended the worship service and Pastor Jim mentioned that he “didn’t give us permission” to wander the country… We will miss our friends, but look forward to seeing this beautiful country!

After the service, Dan & Deena invited us to their place for lunch. We had given them one of Linda’s mother’s larger paintings that will not fit in our new house – whenever it is built. They love the painting and have a perfect place for it!

After lunch, they came up to Goodlettsville to see Acey.

SO, on May 27 we left Grand Ole RV Resort and began our tour of the USA!


3 thoughts on “Grand Ole RV Resort Goodlettsville, TN”

  1. Stay safe you two! Wishing you well and many great adventures ahead.

    *Linda, my Mom fell and broke her hip on Mother’s Day. Dealing with surgery on a 93 year old, and now a rehab center. She thinks she will be going home, but I know it is not a feasible option now. I think she will fight us tooth and nail regarding eventually going to a Senior Apartment with added services. Say a prayer….

    Best wished to you guys… Candi

  2. Oh goodness Candi! I will definitely pray for your mom! Both of our mothers had a fall in their 80’s and broke their hip; its no picnic!

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