Oklahoma is OK!

It was raining on Wednesday morning, April 20, as we left North Little Rock at 9:40 – Acey had 82,273.5 miles and Thor 101,885. We stopped for 70 gallons of diesel at Maumelle, AR and crossed into Oklahoma at 12:45

We fixed lunch at a rest area, arriving at Crossroads RV Park in Porter, OK at 3:30. We got settled in and went off to Aldi for some groceries. We added Oklahoma to our map.

We noticed some brown stains in the shower, indicating that the skylight above must be leaking – another issue we need to address.

Thursday, rain was predicted, so we went with a friend’s recommendation to see the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. Their website has a whole lot of information about Will Rogers – a hugely popular man, he was known as “Oklahoma’s Favorite Son”, he was a humorist, actor, radio personality, and writer – and famous for his pithy and homespun humor and social commentary.

The museum had a large collection of his saddles. This Mongolian saddle was colorful and interesting.

This saddle was a gift from a man in Mexico as a thank you to Will Rogers for his humanitarian work. He used it on special occasions – parades and public appearances.

He was well known for his writing – and his constant companion – a portable typewriter

The Memorial/Museum sits atop a hill – it turned out to be a beautiful day!

Sadly, his life was cut short when he died in a plane crash in Alaska at age 55. We were glad we stopped to visit the Will Rogers Memorial Museum.

We had a late lunch at Main Street Tavern on historic Route 66!

We stopped at Lowe’s and got some Flex Seal to coat the skylight until we can get a replacement. It was very badly cracked! 13-year-old plastic… from inside, lots of crackling and some cracks are evident.

Jim went up on the roof to paint the skylight – sealing the cracks.

There were 2 really large cracks not evident from the inside – both about 4 inches long! We ordered a new skylight that Jim will install when we visit our nephew in a few weeks. Jim will put a second coat of Flex Seal on after we get to the next stop on Friday.

We left the RV park on an overcast Friday morning at 10:40 and are heading to Springfield, Missouri.


8 thoughts on “Oklahoma is OK!”

  1. Interesting pics! Glad the weather turned out nice! Didn’t know the swastika symbol’s history.
    Good fortune!
    Hope the rest of your trip is lovely! Thanks for posting.

    1. We were surprised to learn of the history of the swastika – just another fun fact we have learned along the way!

  2. I saw the Will Rogers museum, too. Was the reenactor on duty when you visited? ice touch with the saddles.

    1. I was thinking about you Ted when we were on Route 66 – you sure had an epic bike ride going from Chicago to Santa Monica!! There was no re-enactor at the museum when we visited – it was an interesting stop.

    1. That makes me think of the rainbow – God’s promise that He would never again flood the Earth in judgment as He did in the Genesis flood of Noah’s time.

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