Springfield, MO

We left the RV park in Porter, OK at 10:40 on Friday April 22 with Acey’s mileage at 82,504.5 and Thor has 102,014 miles. We saw an exit for Miami – and not a palm tree in sight….

The winds were strong; about 25mph – a tailwind at first, but then a crosswind the rest of the way. We crossed into Missouri at 12:40 and stopped at the Welcome Center to make lunch.

We got a bit more fuel at Mount Vernon, MO – interesting how many states share the same city names! We arrived at Cooks RV Motor Park in Springfield, MO at 3pm. We’ll be here for 3 nights. We can add yet another state to our map!

Jim went back up on the roof and put a second coat of Flex Seal on the skylight. Not real pretty – but hopefully it will seal the leaks for now! The skylight we have on order is white to reflect the heat – the current one has a bronze tint, and it would get hot in the back end of Acey!

The wind blew all night, and in the morning, we decided not to go for a bike ride; the trees were blowing like crazy! Jim cut our hair with the Flowbee and after lunch, we headed out to visit the huge Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World in Springfield. We had been there with our boys several years ago when we stayed near Branson. The massive store is outdoor-themed with nearly 500,000 square feet of shopping, several aquariums, waterfalls, an area with turtles another with alligators, and restaurants and snack bars. The first animals we saw were the turtles.

We saw several aquariums – some with smaller fish…

Some with bigger fish

and some with HUGE fish!

Some of these fish had to be at least 6 feet long!

If you have never been there, here are a few more photos of the place! And we didn’t even cover the merchandise – ATVs, boats, camping, hunting and fishing gear, clothing – and more! We also visited the Archery Hall of Fame – no photos allowed.

When we got back to Acey, Jim put yet another coat of Flex Seal on the skylight. That should be enough to seal out the leaks until we get the new skylight. It may seem odd to have a skylight over the shower – but it gives more headroom. And at least the leak is over the shower…

Sunday morning, we Zoomed with our Sunday School class and then worshipped with Stephens Valley Church, watching the April 3 worship service on YouTube (Bulletin). It really is wonderful that we can keep in tune with our home church while we are on the road!

Rain had been in the forecast, and it was overcast, but it looked like the rain was not coming for a few hours. So, after lunch, we drove out to ride our bikes on the Frisco Highline Trail; a 35-mile rail-to-trail route.

Some stuff we saw along the trail.

There was also a colorful rocket – about 5 feet tall – didn’t get a photo of it…We rode out about 5 miles, and it started to drizzle, so we turned around, riding back in a light rain. This is the first rail-trail we have been on that actually had some of the original track in part of the trail!

We rode just over 10 miles – a shorter ride than usual, and the first time we ever got caught out in the rain! We stopped at the White River taproom for some craft brew.

We got back to Acey and made a few preparations for our move tomorrow – on to Kansas!


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  1. Wow! That Bass Pro shop is destination quality. I am going to post the bike sculpture on my FB page. Bike on! Happy Motoring!

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