Portland, OR

Monday, July 27, we left Andersen’s RV Park at Long Beach about 9:30; Acey”s mileage 65,160, Thor 69,424 – we didn’t do much driving at the beach – and may have actually put more miles on the bikes than on the Jeep!

We headed to the Portland-Woodburn RV Park to spend a few more days with Ted & Nancy at their home turf. This morning when Linda woke up, she realized she had an extra set of lenses for her glasses that got terribly scratched when she fell on Saturday. There is a Visionworks not far from Ted & Nancy’s place, so she will have them put the other lenses in; so glad we will not have to get new glasses! More protests and unrest going on downtown, so we plan to stay away from that. We got hooked up and settled in to our new site which is right behind a shopping center!

Ted and Nancy came over for dinner and we played games. Jim won at Tri-Ominos and Nancy was leading at Phase 10 when we decided to call it a night.

Tuesday We joined Nancy and took our nephew Tom out for lunch. We had not seen him for several years. He had a bicycle accident in September of 2017 and was injured badly with excessive damage to his right shoulder, broke some ribs and had a collapsed lung. He was fortunate to have survived the run-in with a construction dumpster; we thank God he is still with us! A few months after the accident, he had to have his right arm amputated. He has had several surgeries since the accident and is coping fairly well. It is a real struggle adjusting to life with one arm and he has a lot of pain to deal with as well.

Nancy took Tom to some afternoon appointments. We went back to their houseand Ted led us on a walk up their street. We could see Mount Hood in the distance

Peeking between the houses, we could just barely get a glimpse of Mount St. Helens! The eye is better than the iphone…

Later, we had dinner with Ted and Nancy. While we played Apples to Apples, Riley curled up in the lid to the game.

Jim was the winner!

Wednesday after breakfast, we met Ted and Nancy at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville OR. We visited this place in 2004 and it has really expanded since then – and added a waterpark – which was closed due to Covid. We looked around at the aircraft and spacecraft there. The big plane is the “Spruce Goose”. We also saw it in 2004 – before the movie “Aviator” came out that featured this huge plane. It is actually made from birch…

This is a Gemini capsule with a spacewalking astronaut!

A display of landing module and moon rover – (to the far left) for Apollo 11.

We watched a video with photos from Mars – very interesting! We had packed a lunch since the cafe there was closed. So many things are closed due to Covid – will things ever be “normal” again? Maybe a new normal will be established when its all said and done?

This aircraft served as Air Force One from 1975 until 2011 serving the Ford, Carter, Reagan, G.H. Bush, Clinton, G.W.Bush and Obama administrations. Today it was getting a bath! A different plane that served as Air Force One was here when we visited in 2004.

We had dinner at Ted and Nancy’s place and Nancy’s sister Elisa joined us – oops – no photos!

Thursday, Jim got up early to get a head start on the day and give Acey a bath.

This is the product he uses – does a great job and doesn’t leave streaks even on the windows. It doesn’t take much – this is the 4th or 5th time he has used it.

We hooked up Thor and left at 9:40 to head to South Jetty RV and Camping Resort in Florence, OR.


8 thoughts on “Portland, OR”

    1. It was great to see the beach house after having heard about it all these years. We enjoyed our time with you guys!

  1. You have been on the road for almost three months. What are your thoughts about RV living so far? I enjoy following your progress!

    1. We have been in “vacation mode” and are trying to get into “retirement mode”! Longer stays and more relaxing may be good – of course we have slowed down some this week since I twisted my ankle when I fell last Saturday… But we are enjoying our time and are thinking we may actually stay on the road longer than the 2 years we had originally planned. We didn’t get to go across Canada and really do want to do that, which would be a summer trip. Next summer we hope to go on a caravan to Alaska for 52 days with 23 other RVs! There is so much to see!

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